Month: May 2011

Single Ingredient Recipe

… then your main ingredient; model Gracie Carvalho, (who is sporting some spring blights for Max Abadian’s latest work). Once combined you will let stand for 30 min, follow by a feature in Flare magazines ( June issue). Final touches are added by; fashion editor Elizabeth Cabral, and hair and makeup by Tony Masciangelo .

The end product? A stunning, summer, sporty take. Featured on Fashion Gone Rogue.


Love, E!

Out of Practice

Then I suggest you … PRACTICE outside.  

My OM home, Yoga Works is offering to free your mind and body without spending a dime. From  June 8 to July 27, (2011),  Yoga Works’s hour on the Hudson (Pier 46, across from Charles Street) from 6 – 7 p.m.  and treats you to a frozen cocoa concoction from Organicoa. Om, Om my, Oh my Gosh!

I’ m so in! Or should I say out?

Meet you waterside, thanks for the treat Daily Candy. Oh, So, SWEET. With Love, E!

Board in School?

... Just took on a whole new meaning. Enter GRAIN, a solid company that offers a local product that is hand crafted and focused on the goal at large; to ride the waves.

What if that was what you learned in school? Oh and to BOARD! Not BE board, but to make them, yes… make your own surf board in school.

At GRAIN you can do just that. The company took shape in a York Beach, Maine basement. Founder Mike LaVecchia’s long time love of board sports and passion for traditional wooden boat-building techniques, add in an additional body; co-owber Brad Anderson and a full-fledged surfboard manufacturer was born.

A groundswell of interest and earnest commitment to their mission; use of natural, sustainable, beautiful wood to create surfboards, propelled Grain to the forefront of a growing market. With less impact on the environment and more impact on you’re surfing.

Grain will cater to their customers and to the do-it-yourselfers with surfboard kits and workshops. Yes, you can build your own board in school!

A great company, an incredible vision, with a beautiful product that Grain owners, customers, student, and the environment can all enjoy.

Love, E

Word on the Street

Summer Streets will take place on August 6, 13 and 20 and will be open from 7:00 am – 1:00 pm.

For the fourth year in a row the streets of NYC will be shut down. A route that connects the Brooklyn Bridge with Central Park,  opening them for people to play, walk, bike, and breathe.

Summer Streets inatitive is to provide more space for healthy recreation as well as a greening initiative, that encourages New Yorker’s to use more sustainable forms of transportation.

There is no start point or end point no time allotment for strolling the streets – so come out and play! 

Ready, Set, Go | T Works Out

Great article by T Magazine, T Works Out. Model Flavina Matata posed for sports with style in some workout gear that can not only walk the catwalk, but run the field. 

T Mag. article – “Now that working out is officially cool (thanks David Barton), it’s time to dress the part, which is no easy feat. The fusion between fashion and function needs to be seamless in order to get as much from your outfit – and workout – as possible.

From SoulCycle to the North Face, T has been testing out all sorts of gear for our summer routine. We paired gray Studio Sport Capris from the Adidas Climalite spring/summer collection ($40), which is made from sueded polyester and a sweat protection fabric, with a top by the California-based company Zobha, which is known for intricate cuts and high-necked, figure-skimming tanks. Our favorite is the Scarlett Tank ($62). Lululemon’s leggings are still difficult to pass up, but its moisture-wicking, seam-free Women’s No Show Sock, with built-in arch support and mesh panels, is not to be overlooked ($14). We got a fierce vibe from the British fitness line Sweaty Betty’s low-back, hooded Jive Jumpsuit in black ($137), and we found that the Seamless Shaper Short ($18) and Compression Sports Bra ($30) from Danskin help hold you in the best, even through the most rigorous Pilates class (call 888-850-0084). Adidas by Stella McCartney’s spring/summer line has just the right amount of sex appeal, especially McCartney’s blackCover-Up Gym Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt ($60) with see-through mesh backing.

All this fabulous gear and no where to don it? One workout class we’ll be sure to catch this summer is Justin Gelband and Latham Thomas’s fitness class at Erik Owings’sMushin Mixed Martial Arts studio (78 Fifth Avenue; 908-217-5181). The pair have more than a few Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated models under their black belts. With a focus on using intrinsic muscles only (no weights) to help build up your core, the class fuses yoga, capoeira, mixed martial arts, self-defense techniques and dance to help get you “model-fit for your body.” And even in a 10-person class, Gelband makes you feel as if  you’re the only one in the room. Not because he’s sweet –  well, maybe he’s sweet to Miranda Kerr, a client — but because he has the eye of a drill sergeant. And if runway models walking in and out of your workout session isn’t exactly your idea of motivation, try the Exhale Core Fusion Bootcamp class, available in DVD and also in person. Taught by Core Fusion’s creators, Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito, the hourlong dizzying romp combines vinyasa yoga moves and abdominal mat work with weights, including barbells, dumbbells and that orange “core ball” your abs will never forget. Halfpapp is a fan of concentrated sit-ups and plyometrics, like the jump-back series, which is a constant explosion of squats, planks and one-armed pushups — all with a six-pound medicine ball in hand.  We brought along our environmentally conscious Jade yoga matin purple ($50 to $110), which is made with open-cell natural rubber for a no-slip grip. Trust us, you’ll need it”


Good looking out T Mag!


As I looked across the table, I turned my head sideways while pondering why my friend was carrying around an IV bag? After a thorough explanation on this convenient and well designed water bottle that can be folded into thin air, an OMG why didn’t anyone come up with this sooner, moment that crossed my mind. Perfect for packing, traveling, and convenient galore. Did I mention eco-friendly? The company that produced my oh-so-clever friends bottle-o-choice is none other than the PLATYPUS

After a little hunting around for other alternative designs I found VAPUR, the anti bottle which comparable in price and appearance comes with a carabiner that acts as an attachment device, maximizing the space saved when the container is emptied. Not to fret this option is also perfect to packing, travel friendly, and ECO – LOGICAL.  

This is how it works… 

Good looking out Freddie! 

All my Love, E

Summer Of Fun!

Via, Fashion Gone Rogue.

I can not begin to articulate the utter perfection and cohesion, where fashion meets fitness. Perfection, portrayed through this spread, Summer of Fun by model Marloes Horst for March 25th issue of Elle France. Shot by photographer Ben Watts, this bright color palate, new silhouettes, come from fashion houses a plenty; Celine, Fendi, Bottega Veneta, which are styled by Elissa Cannelle Castelbou melt into a sport worthy fashions that are hard to resist.

I want it, ALL! 

Some Music Beats for you’re Weekend Retreats

It’s about that time, time for the week to end. Which leaves us with two whole days to do what we please and that, may be, just what we need. If you happen to be heading out-of-town for a weekend retreat I have a playlist with just the right beat.

Ricky S. has so kindly put together this playlist for all of you. I requested he give me a song or two. He is one of those talented music prodigies who always has the latest, the greatest, and now… so do you. 

The Naked and Famous – Young Blood
Miami Horror – Holidays
LJC – Money Affiliated
Timeflies – Cars, Money and Fame
BekToBek – Around (Original Mix)
The MashMaticians – Please Don’t Go Alone
Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are (Simon Steur Club Mix)
Hot 22 – Awake and Alive (Original Mix)
Avicii – Penguin
Yoni – Dance with Love to the Dynamite

This is definitely a playlist to add to your workout mix. Follow Ricky on twitter for his latest music updates. 



…is right. A plethora of tanks and tee’s are stocked at this NYC based surf shop. The shiloutte offers a classic fit adorned with simple prints that are ‘oh so surf’. In this case less is more. Spotted… Clayton, sporting a Inven.tory tank this past weekend, exuding both preppy, surf, and city check vibe. One look and I was hooked.  

Get it the look here. It’s a great staple for any summer wardrobe.  

Much Love, Eva VA

Sarah Lee Under the Sea

After an incredible weekend with some unexpected new friends, I also incurred a new appreciation  for ocean photography. Granted St John’s has endless beauty to capture in photographs but some talented individuals were able to capture this weekends excursion, making time stand still and all the beauty we were so blessed to indulge in. I hope to share some of these amazing photos with you soon. Until then I will introduce photographer Sarah Lee’s who ocean photography both above and below the water shots are breath-taking.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See Sarah Lee photography website here, in a way encompassing both the striking beauty of mother natures waves at break and those souls who have chosen “hop on board” (so to speak) and ride the wave.
Enjoy my lovelies! Here’s to the sheer pleasure of some summer weather.