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Moncler’s latest collaboration with European Graphic designers Alexandra Compain-Tissier, Erin Petson and Jordi Labanda . Design criteria for each design conceptualized their unique vision of  Moclers high altitude world and interpret into a illustration.  Using their own expressive code and the entire outer shell as a canvas expresses each designers contemporary creativity, conveying the relationship between fashion and the language  through illustration and cutting-edge graphic design.

A new innovative experimentation within the visiual art world, a legendary icon was created. To wear the Moncler Illustrated quilted jacket allows the consumer to challange fashion, raising level  perceived as the chararistic norm of imagination.

Moncler Illustrated quilted jackets will go on sale from Nov 2011 in Moncler Boutique.

“Moncler Illustrated is a design collaboration between Jordi Labanda, born in Mercedes in Uruguay, has lived in Barcelona since childhood. His trademark female figures with a slim silhouette and 1960s lounge style return in the Moncler down jacket. This time, they are wearing oxygen masks as an ironic reference to the great Karakorum expeditions that marked the brand’s history. Gouache technique and bold, vibrant colors in a willfully flat, graphic and stylized illustration. Labanda also has fun putting together the overall image by playing with the components of the down jacket. The snow-capped peaks on the cuffs complete the mountain scene featured on the body of the jacket.”
                                                           – Moncler
Well done Moncler! E

Spotted – Shady Lady – Ski Slopes


Have you got shades for the slopes. When the weather permits – usually at the latter end of the ski season the forecast fall right around – perfection. The temperatures are thawing, the sky is a shade of blue that seems almost fake, and the sun is shinning. Sun = wrinkles, so this is a MUST! So while slope side you need a pair of shades that are fashion forward yet functional. So I have the MVP’s here, the top three I would sport. 

Even when it’s blistery out these are a must have accessory to sport around the base. Here is to high hopes of a snow filled ski season! 


FRESH five

When I use the term ‘juice cleanse’ I can guarente one of three reactions: (1) Rolling your eyes (2) shaking your head slightly; a nod of approval (3) your eyebrows are furrowing, perplexed at embarking at such a thing.

When the word, ‘cleanse’ is now mentioned, I will revert to the second reaction; observed approval. After five days of my Blue Print juice cleanse I am DONE. I had to try this highly in fashion health cleanse before it became passé.

Lets rewind – and begin at, well… the beginning.

I researched cleanses to select the right cleanse for me. I went with Blue Print  – catering to the likes of me. Their marketing = Brilliant (felt healthier by just looking at the branding). Geared towards individuals lacking the time, knowledge, and kitchen appliances necessary to create their own cleansing experience. I would much rather pay for the convince  – which you do. Convenience allows (doorstep delivery) along with easy to use/foolproof system (numerically coded daily regimen) of your daily intake.

Once a company is defined I had to look through the menu. I spent some time on this considering all the time I would have spent looking at restaurants menus over the course of a five-day time span. BP has added to their original menu of purely juice cleanses offered in three levels of severity starting with a beginning cleanse, proceeding with the middle of the road (foundation), all the way to your hard core (excavation). Each cleanse can rang from three to five days.

Some other key options include: juice until dinner for those who couldn’t possibly fathom not ingesting solids for an entire day. You can also order singles now from specified retail locations. See a list of the additional options here.

I opted for the five-day foundation and I am five days of FINISHED! Six juiced a day, and a couple gallons of water later. I am left feeling happy, healthy, and with glowing skin. What was the hardest part? Had to be the sociality of it (or lack there of). Avoiding situations in which eating was the main attraction. This made me realize – I eat a LOT out of habit.

Overall a positive experience that I will definitely do again. 


… On the Internet dot com. Cyber Monday to be exact. What is Cyber Monday you ask?

Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday immediately following Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, created by companies to persuade people to shop online. The term made its début on November 28, 2005 in a press release entitled “‘Cyber Monday’ Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year”. 

Paraphrased; ridiculously good deals online. If you haven’t gotten a dot come deal it’s not to late, click away. 

Love, E


Wet Workout in London 12′

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Streamline. A design so sleek, sexy, that it may need body guards from all the paparazzi that will trying to get the best shot. This building my friends is London’s 2012 official Olympic Games aquatic center. Designed by architect Zaha Hadid – a breathtaking beauty that gets a gold in my book. For more photos of this new competitor click  here

Hope to someday meet. 

Love, E

Easy Rider

These wheels are easy on the eyes. This world-renowned industrial designer, Adrian Van Anz, also professional photographer, and the creator of this beauty below, “Derringer Cycle”. Featured in this months virtual RL Magazine Van Anz focus on high-end luxury products latest creation; 1920s-inspired, retro-chic, moto-hybrid bicycle. Every bike is customized for this demographic, which boasts the widest luxury client base.

Beginning price point is thirty-five hundred. Parts include a 49cc Honda four-stroke engine = 35 mph/180 mpg. Extreme attention to detail down to the rust proof powder coated paint (offered in 250 color ways), vintage kickstand, monogrammed gas cap, and handmade Brooks leather saddle with hammered copper rivets. 

Equinox contacted Van Anz and requested a limited edition, sold in fitness clubs worldwide. Which prompted a pedal version to be designed. A creative campaign collaboration featuring the Equinox custom color combo – black with yellow accents – trying into the brand identity. 

A high-end bike design, that is fit for fashion. 


Female Runners Rise

It takes getting used to, seeing young women run long distances, gasping and gagging and staggering around and going down on all fours at the finish line, pink foreheads in the mud,” began an article in Sports Illustrated in 1966 about the National AAU Women’s Cross-country Championship. “But they are young women, all right, make no mistake. The shaved legs, the singlets that actually do a service, all that symmetry, that fragrant hair.” – seriously?

Some getting used to – quite the understatement. While surfing the web for fit fashion today I stumbles upon on an article entitled, Female Runners Rise. Author Katie Baker for Grantland decipher women as athletes and follows the female ideal of these ‘pretty little things’ and transgressed into the ideal female athlete we know today.

These statistics are in no way to clarify, boast, or rationalize that women athletes have a place in the world of competitive athletes today. They can hold their own; in speed, agility, and performance, needing no help of outside rationalization. This story is a wonderful brief on a timeline for women to become recognized as true competitors – with no sexual orientation attached.

Take a quick look, although a quick read it made me proud as a female athlete. I was able to recognize strides that our predecessors have taken to aid women acceptance to compete alongside male athletes and reap rightfully any achievements earned. A big thanks to Katie Baker for this great article and of course all of those women who paved the road for all women to run, and were still working to build that same road.

Keep it up! All you Pretty TOUGH!

Love, E

run I N G

Talking about the ING New York City Marathon people. November 6th 2011 – It’s game day in the race world, where roughly 47,000 runners will be covering 26.2 miles through the world’s most diverse city. Cheered on by onlookers, husbands, wifes, children, brother, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, tourists, you name it – there is someone cheering you on every step of this race. A bright day with sunshine and the temperature hovering in the low 40s this marks the largest New York City Marathon ever.

Universal Sports will have a play by-play of the front-runners and all the race day news starting at 9:00 a.m. Expect a race day re-cap highlight show after runners cross the finish line. 

If you have a loved one in route download the mobil app Join IN

  • Track up to 10 runners simultaneously
  • Watch live streaming of the men’s and women’s pro races, as well as NBC4 New York’s live coverage
  • Extensive NYC listing guide from MyCityWay featuring popular restaurant, attraction and retail listings
  • Get tourist information, special offers from our partners, and more with the interactive course map
  • Let everyone know you’re a fan—the Official ING New York City Marathon Mobile Spectator App Presented by Subway is fully integrated with social media

Good luck today runners! Remember to look your best crossing the finish line (can’t wait to see the fashions your sporting) – live television people! Cheering, E!