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When we come across a editorial that inspires us we feel that it should be shared. Not a new editorial but well worth a once-over. Perfect timing at Heel-Side where we just caught up on the 2018 U.S. Gymnastics Championships. Congratulations to the winners which you can check out HERE. But first scroll down to see Katryn Kruger
shot by Sasha Ida for Marie Claire France June 2016. There is nothing we love more than a well done editorial where sport meets style.
Marie Claire France June 2016
Photographer: Sascha Oda
Stylist: Maiken Winther
Hair: Mette Thorsgaard
Makeup: Anne Staunsager
Model: Valery Kaufman

Outside Intimidated?

The world of outdoor adventure can be exciting but intimidating. We could place the blame on lifestyle evolution, which has invited us all indoors. On an average day the majority of us spend little to no time outdoors. Lack of exposure has ultimately confiscated any confidence in comfort being active outside. I know from experience that exploring and adventure outdoors can seem out of reach, confusing, plus it’s hard to know where and how to start.

So how do we get from novice to competent? We look for guidance that will hold our hands through the first steps. What to expect, how to stay safe, and how to join the experienced are among the dilemmas we face for those seeking adventure. After training you will be ready to be released from the nest. 

A cliche saying, “everyone started at the beginning” rings true here. We were all there once, so believe me, we get it. So let’s cover some options to get on your outdoor adventure.  Below we have put together organizations and resources that offer instruction and training for all levels. No matter how experienced you become, there is always room for growth. The outdoor community practices family values, and there is no room for judgment. We learn from those more experienced, we teach those that are less experienced, and the end goal is to share what the great outdoors has to offer.

The benefits that outdoor adventure will have on you life is reason enough to try something in the wild. So… let’s go outside.

Start with some research and prep

  • Read some articles for beginners: how to stay safe, what equipment you will need, classes offered in your area, trips that offer trained guides, and local meet-ups. A great resource for information is at your local outdoor retailer.

Publications & Blogs

Education & Classes


Womens Adventure Travel


These recommendations are the tip of the iceberg. Please note that besides the publications I have not participated directly in any of the classes or trip recommendations. If you have any great resources be sure to share them with us and we will add them to this post.

Images: Yosemite Camp: Dree Hemingway by Matt Jones for Elle Italia August 2014

Model: Dree Hemingway (DNA)
Photographer: Matt Jones
Stylist: Alberto Zanoletti
Hair: Kristin Ess
Make-Up: Maria Seccia


The Cold Truth About Wetsuits

Recycling is a duty, not an option. Sports brands and outdoor companies are stepping up to the plate and using their resources for research to discover new methods, materials, and processes aiming to aid in the sustainability effort (earth damage control ). One company in-particular is making a name for themselves, whilst deep in the throngs of problem solving. The company is Finisterre, a cold water surf brand founded by Tom Kay that has taken on the challenge of finding a way to make neoprene recyclable. I came across this article “CLOSING THE LOOP ON SURFING’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET: HOW BRITAIN’S FINISTERRE INTENDS TO MAKE WETSUITS FROM WETSUITS” by Ryan Brower featured in RANGE Magazine issue nine and felt the need to pass it along. The end goal, Kay states is “to introduce a closed loop, ideally just going around and around and around with minimal addition of new raw materials, that is the ultimate sort of challenge”.  The original article is well worth the read. It’s proof that their are brands willing to make the effort and setting a president that hopefully inspires the rest to follow.   



Photos by Vogue Korea editorial, “Sea”.    

Editor Kim Mi-jin
Photographer KIM BO SUNG
Model Kwak Ji Young, Han Kyung Hyun, Soo Seon Lee, Ho Jung Lee,
Hair Kim Seung Won
Makeup Lee Jun-sung
Set styling Choi, Seoyun (Da; rak)
Daejeon small accessories Jeju Haeundae 

The Outdoor Adventure Industry Has Reached a Tipping Point

Ladies we have a movement upon us. In 2017 the outdoor and adventure apparel and gear market turned to the ladies. By that I mean that brands are approaching the problem of how to incorporate fashion, style, function, and fit into the products and apparel made for both women and girls. Let’s rewind a second and go back to pre-athlesure when the options for workout apparel were minimal. After the athlesure attack subsided (and was officially added to the dictionary) nearly every brand offered an interpretation of workout or gym wear. This is what’s about to happen (or has started to happen) in the outdoor and adventure market. It’s about to tip and enter an upheaval akin to athlesure and enter a phase of overhaul and redesign. Granted this is long overdue but marks a milestone for women and about time considering women make up 54% of the consumer market demographic. So what now? Companies will research, listen, and search for women’s input and really listen to what they want and expect from these products.
If you’re completely lost as to what I’m referring to, I am about to fill in the blanks. When you go shopping for outdoor adventure apparel or equipment you have two vastly different options (opposite sides of the spectrum). At one end we have purely technical gear that’s main focus is functionality and performance. I personally find these options to be styleless, they feel dorky, and can often feel very ‘granola’. Opposite we have the high fashion, the brands that make their debuts at fashion week via the runway and come with a huge price tag (think Moncler). There is no in-between no interpretations, combinations, or options that cater to women where they can represent their personal style.
Brands have one objective thats has to be approached uniquely by each and every company. They have to translate and interoperate how to represent the fashion and style that can be within their identity.  There have been several trend setters that were ahead of the masses. Offering options through collaborations and stepping outside of their comfort zone. Maybe thats what it will take? The fashion brands and the outdoor brands working on this together. Teamwork is always a good option (I would pay to see the first creative brainstorms – Proenza and Camelback). I have no doubt that this market is about to look very, very different and hopefully offers each of us something to wear or use on our next outdoor adventure.
Check out these two articles about women in the outdoor and adventure market:

Nike’s All Conditions Gear SS18 Throws It On Back

In an instagram hole yesterday I came across this image yesterday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I did a little digging and the other images live on the internet.com are NICE, including a solid editorial and short from SneakersNStuff.com.

Surprised that this is a Nike brand, dubbed ‘Nike ACG’ (All Conditions Gear) which is a subsidiary line that produces innovative athletic apparel and sports gear for all climates and have been around since their launch in 1989.

Looking for some brand history I found that ACG’s identity has gone though some dramatic aesthetic changes since its initial entrance. But ACG seems to have grown into itself and never abandoned its belief that tactical-garb shouldn’t compromise on aesthetics. The brands non-commercial, off-the-wall image, bold brand statements and and recent collaborations have inspired sneaker-heads for decades instituting a devoted cult following.

This unisex SS18 collection circled back to early 80’s and 90’s retro details and old-school palette that stands apart from what you would expect from Nikes relatively urban centric design. A seamless translation from city streets to the peaks and beyond. Check out the full collection that dropped in stores June 1st.

Sweat Shop (dot) com

Racked, hands down has the best shopping guides in NYC. Although this is an older post these sportswear companies have stayed in the game for a reason.

Elite Athlesure Brands to check out online.

The Classics

Adidas: The athletic giant has been a bonafide staple for quite some time, but it has really upped its game over the past few years with special collaborations, great branding and ad campaigns, quality gear, and celebrity partnerships with the likes of Karlie Kloss, Pusha T, and, of course, Kanye West. Shop the brand now for men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothes and sneakers across a huge range of sports and styles.

Asics: If you’re a runner, at one point in time you’ve probably tried a pair of Asics sneakers. The brand carries men’s, women’s, and kids’ training apparel with a look that’s a little less logo-heavy than the likes of Nike and Adidas.

Athleta: This Gap Inc.-owned athletic chain has been expanding at a rapid clip with a really solid selection of workout apparel. Clothes on offer range in function from studio gear to winter sports-friendly and are available in an agreeable range of hues like black, navy, and coral, with a few seasonally updated prints thrown in the mix.

Nike: The big daddy of athletic gear, where everyone’s a Nike athlete no matter what your sport or level of activity. The brand is obsessed with constant innovation in performance wear and consistently churns out the most on-point colorways. It really can’t be beat for shoes that are both functional and stylish, but you didn’t need us to tell you that.

Lululemon: A huge range of pants, shorts, sports bras, and tank tops for runners and yogis is the company’s bread and butter. Things like free in-store classes and a huge push for community building make it a full-on lifestyle brand, with shoppers swearing by the pricey leggings (which do at least come with complimentary hemming).

Paragon Sports: Paragon is another athletic behemoth, with a big-deal flagship store in New York City. But online, you can shop for clothing, gear, and shoes for just about every sport, from basketball to soccer to golf. The brand is especially good for its cold-weather clothing, like base layers, warm outerwear, hats, and more.

Patagonia: You’re probably familiar with Patagonia’s outdoor gear — it has lots of options for skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, and more — but the brand makes great activewear for indoor sports as well. They can be on the pricier side, but clothes comes with an “ironclad” guarantee, meaning the brand will replace or refund them (and repair regular wear-and-tear for a minimal fee).

Reebok: Like the rest of the names on this list, the activewear giant has an extremely wide variety of gear and can accommodate your needs across every single sport. Head here for running shorts, CrossFit gloves, UFC gear, pre-school sneakers, and so, so much more.

Under Armour: Under Armour has all its athletic apparel bases covered, from everyday athleisure to high-performance gear for marathon runners and cold-weather hikers. The brand also had a few big collaborations of its own, too, like the collection with Misty Copeland and the Steph Curry sneakers.


Aerie: American Eagle’s intimates line also makes comfy activewear. The options are super extensive for sports brasshortssweatpants, and leggings, with less to offer as far as tops go unless you’re just looking for lounge clothes. Most things ring in well under $100, with basic leggings starting around $19.

Forever 21: If you’re looking for workout clothes or athleisure that doesn’t really need to stand up to the demands of marathon running, Forever 21 stocks a good selection of leggings, tops, and more that are trendy and affordable (think things like mesh leggings and low-impact strappy yoga bras). Everything clocks in at under $30, which makes it a great place to pop into if you forget to pack a gym bag one morning.

GapFit: Gap’s activewear section is surprisingly functional, attractive, and (best of all) affordable. The selection is super wide, with options for everything from athleisure to yoga clothes to dance-inspired “barre” looks to gear for working out outside.

H&M: Workout tank tops and quick-dry leggings are all mostly under $35, and both are available in standard solids and seasonal prints. Continue to stock your gym bag with cute accessories like water bottles, headbands, and sport socks.

Lane Bryant: The retailer’s own Livi Active line is great for both fitness apparel and athleisure, which includes leggings designed for cooling, wicking, and signature stretch, as well as supported bras with molded underwire and comfy loungewear.

Old Navy Active: You might be surprised to know that Old Navy’s leggings — which are all in the $20-to-$35 range — are actually fantastic. Even better is that the brand includes a wide range of sizes and dedicated active sections for pluspetite, and tall girls, which means those leggings will actually be the right length and fit; ankle bunch will be one less thing to worry about while breaking a sweat or holding a pose.

Target: What isn’t Target a great, cheap alternative for? The bulk of the retailer’s athletic gear is from the affordable C9 Champion line, which offers leggings, sports bras, tops, jackets, and more that are mostly all well under $50. As a major bonus, Target has lots of options for both plus-sizes and maternity.

Indie and Athleisure

Aether: Aether takes that “city-to-sport” look to the next level with well-designed pieces that work for blustery morning commutes and hardcore hikes (there is a section simply called “snow,” and the brand’s tag line is “outdoor adventure, urban exploration, and innovative design”). Invest in base layers, snow pants, moto gear, or studiowear.

ADAY: The direct-to-consumer brand is dedicated to making quality workout clothes and athleisure in simple, efficient designs and sophisticated performance fabrics, like the adored “Throw and Roll” leggings that have Olympic bonded seams.

Bandier: Former music manager Jennifer Bandier sought to reinvent the high-end activewear market when she launched her Southhampton boutique, which now has an e-comm element, two stores in Manhattan, one in Manhasset, NY, and another in Dallas. Find a variety of stylish specialty brands like Ultracor, Beyond Yoga, Onzie, Koral, and big brands like Nike, plus exclusive artist and influencer collaborations.

Carbon 38: This multi-brand retailer carries athleticwear from a ton of brands like Vie ActiveAlo YogaAlalaP.E. Nation, and so many more, with a special section dedicated to ski. The clothes err on the trendy side, so if you’re looking for things like mesh bras and moto leggings, this is your spot.

FP Movement by Free People: The brand focuses heavily on yoga and dance gear, with all the fun necklines and strappy details you’d expect from Free People. Check it out if you’re in the market for a leotard and some flow-y studio pants that will function both during class and in some Instagram snaps.

Girlfriend Collective: The brand that was giving out “free” leggings on Facebook last year has launched for real, with a collection of reasonably priced leggings and sports bras in super-Instagrammable colors. The products are made from recycled fabric, and everything from the production to the packaging is as eco-friendly as possible.

Lolë: Running, yoga, beach, and snowsports apparel are on offer here. The brand’s Whitecollection is especially elegant, with drapey tops in neutral hues and berry shades, plus performance outerwear you won’t mind wearing in the city, too.

Net-a-Sporter: High-end e-tailer Net-a-Porter’s sport division is called Net-a-Sporter (cute, guys), and it bills itself as “luxury sportswear.” Shop the most stylish picks from big names like Nike and Adidas by Stella McCartney and and gratuitous sport offerings from high-fashion labels like Fendi, as well as some really nice specialty brands like Live the Process and LNDR.

Nola Activewear: The fitness branch of Addition Elle makes workout clothes and athleisure for sizes 12 through 26, with most prices coming in under $100. Head here for basics — like supportive sports bras, tees, and puffer jackets — and check out the reversible leggings to get the most bang for your buck.

Outdoor Voices: Launched in 2013, Outdoor Voices is often heralded as sportswear for millennials, with simple sweats, leggings, and crop tops in neutral colors like emerald green and charcoal, or color-blocked tones you’ve definitely seen on Instagram.

Sweaty Betty: The British brand’s vast selection of sports bras, tops, bottoms, and jackets is shoppable by sport, from yoga to tennis, and done in punchy prints as well as basic black and heathered gray. It also makes great swimwear and some pretty cute matching sets.

Tracksmith: Tracksmith is a really simple brand that was built — like it’ll tell you on the website — out of love for running. The draw here is quality apparel that’s not flashy or overly “sport” feeling; just good-looking, functional clothes designed for both casual weekend runners and marathoners alike.


Full Racked Article Link HERE

Wold Cup Uniforms Ranked For Style, Not Score

Racked.com took an unique approach when selecting team favorites to route for.  Ranking all 30 Countries attending the World Cup by uniform style.  Here’s a peak at what they came up with.

I guess theres no rule against basing your Would Cup brackets by style (instead of score.)

32. Costa Rica

31. Tunisia

30-22. South Korea, Serbia, Egypt, Morocco, Denmark, Russia, Panama, Portugal, and Switzerland

21. Iran

20. England

19. Poland

18. Sweden

17. Uruguay

16. Argentina

15. Iceland

14. Mexico

13. Saudi Arabia

12. Colombia

11. Senegal

10. Germany

9. Brazil

8. France

7. Australia

6. Spain

5. Croatia

4. Japan

3. Belgium

2. Peru

1. Nigeria

Vintage North Face and High Fashion Collision


In a new series of archival editorials, GARAGE taps The North Face vintage product and apparel dating back five decades. North Face goods include everything from medical equipment to everyday hiking gear and paired with high fashion designer goods. If one could imagine what it would look like for fashion to collide head-on with the outdoor adventure market, this is what you would get. Link to full article below.   

To see the full article here GARAGE No. 14.

Source: VICE  written on Feb 14th, 2018

In this story: Photographer: Bruno Staub; Fashion editor: Mel Ottenberg; Hair; Model: Constance Jablonski; Manicurist: Maria Salandra ; Photographer’s assistants: Evan Browning, Ryan Petru; Fashion assistants: Malcolm Mammone, Alban Roger; Hair assistant: Kabuto Okuzawa; Digital tech: Sara Lewis; On-set production: Franco Polar


Porter Edit cover New Moves


Porter Edits’ is the editorial voice of NET-A-PORTER. The most recent cover features Sarah Sampaio who is both the model and the story.  In this feature, Jane Mulkerrins discovers what fires this Portuguese model up.  Passionate, honest and unafraid to make a stand when it comes to her body or her career, Portuguese model SARA SAMPAIO is a woman with conviction. This article is worth a thorough top to bottom read. Link to full article HERE.

The article isn’t the only worthwhile aspect of this segment, the images are stunning. This photographer happens to be my VERY talented friend Hanna Tveite. You captured by definition the true model athlete.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 @sarasampaio for #PorterEdit | photo @hannatveite  | HAD: @gemmastark | styling @hels_broadfoot | hair @francogobbi1 | makeup @_virginiayoung_ | set design @betteradams | manicurist @erihandanail | @portermagazine

ClassPass Goes LIVE

At home, fitness has been a trend to bring fitness with you outside the gym for the last few years. With no limitation the digital space allows you to reach a bigger audience than it ever could in real life. There are a plethora of digital fitness programs out there to choose from, but there is one that jumped on the home studio experience bandwagon in 2018: ClassPass. The standalone platform ClassPass Live

e3f55a09e2ab4d19dc26367703a0488e can be yours anytime and anywhere you want it. Big bonus, no equipment! So the same intensity workout is choreographed without using any additional props.


The Live studio, based in Brooklyn’s Industry City, releases several new classes five days a week. Live instructors are the same instructors you have from studio ClassPass partners, like Tracy Anderson.

If you’re a current ClassPass member the addition of Live will pay $10 a month, Non-member subscriptions will start at $15 per month. As a well-versed experimenter of a handful of at-home exercise app and videos, this price is well worth the payout.

For full article please visit Well+Good.

KITH & Champion Womenswear Exclusive Collaboration

KITH x Champions joined forces for a newly released eight-piece collection. The design inspiration was an ode to retro-sportswear with KITH’s signature color palette of white, pink, red, and royal blue.

This exclusive womenswear collection will mark KITH’s debut in the global retail market via NET-A-PORTER.

KITH founder and sneaker designer extraordinaire Ronnie Fieg had the following to say about the collaboration:

” NET-A-PORTER, much like KITH, is an anomaly. They cater to all types of women in such a way that it aligns very well with the KITH ethos and what we do as a brand. I believe KITH womenswear has finally built a strong identity and come into its own. With Champion being its first collaborative collection of this magnitude it feels like a graduation from where we started. Now we are able to showcase the brand in a very unique way and I want to share that with the world.”

Available on NET-A-PORTER and sold at KITH stores worldwide.


See full article via Highsnobiety HERE.


Simple Sportswear for D La Repubblica

Van Mossevelde + N Flashes Sean Levy In Simple Athletic Looks For D La Repubblica

The perfect simplicity in this athletic shoot by Model Sean Levy is strikingly beautiful. The movements are real and the minimal athletic looks by fashion editor Roberta Rusconi are paired perfectly. Photographer team Van Mossevelde + N for D La RepubblicaHair by Marco Minunno



Through The Cold

Finding winter running gear that can check enough boxes to get you take your workout outside; keep me warm, make it functional, and something I actually want to be seen in.  Please and thank you. And it just happened to find a perfect match when we stopped into the newly renovated Nike flagship store in SoHo we found one perfect outfit to run through the cold, instead of from it.

Heel_Side Through The Cold

Heel_Side Through The Cold

Heel_Side Through The Cold

Heel_Side Through The Cold

Nike Zonal Aerosheild jacket $175

Nike Compression Tights in store only

@laurengaudette for @hotelmazatlan and @heel_side| Photography by @mazatlanmazatlan | Art Direction by @stylelist.ed 



Amazon Is Takes The Field

I often voice my theory that Amazon is slowly taking over the world. The powerhouse claims one more market demographic after another and this time they are taking the field with the release of their activewear clothing lines. They have already claimed the title as the biggest US clothing retail online and projected to become the biggest clothing retailer in 2017 period – surpassing all brick and mortar, department stores, and retail giants.

Amazon made their foray into private-label sportswear market, hand-in-hand with their successful sub-brand model. The e-commerce giant felt the need to add apparel as an effort to fill in gaps in its fashion lineup offerings, rather than counting on big sports brands to offer their merchandise.  Amazons regular men’s and women’s fashion sub-brands include  Lark & Ro, Scout + Ro, Franklin & Freeman, James & Erin, Society New York. Also included are Amazon Essentials, Good Threads, and Buttoned Down which are only available to Amazon Prime members. Activewear additions include Peak Performance which was quietly released in October. Goodsport and Rebel Canyon were launched earlier this year. All of the activewear brands are reserved for Amazon Prime members only.

Here is what you can expect from each of the brands aesthetically:

Peak Velocity– The most expensive of the three activewear brands. This is premium men’s activewear. Performance sweatshirts and sweatpants with features like moisture-wicking and stretch. It has two lines: “Quantum Fleece” which the website says is “built for work,” and “Metro Fleece,” which is higher-priced and “built for every day.” (Think Nike and Under Armour;

Rebel Canyon– Men’s and women’s streetwear/athleisure clothing, a lifestyle streetwear take on sportswear;

Goodsport– Men’s and women’s low-price traditional performance workout gear with tops, bottoms, and outerwear. (Think Champion and budget activewear brands).


Sticking to their sub-brand standard, which removes any indication that these are actually “Amazon” brands, disassociated the labels with the brand entirely. This doesn’t discount the quality. All three sub-brands are using the same manufacturer as the market’s top players. Im looking forward to putting these brands to the test and see how Amazon holds up on the field.

What’s next for the Amazon sportswear space? Some of the trademark filings suggest the brand could expand into athletic bags.

The Black Friday Game Plan

You know it’s coming. Right after you wake up from that Thanksgiving coma it’s Black Friday… and you can’t go into Black Friday without a game plan. Luckily Racked.com (my go-to cheat sheet for the sample sales, discounts, and store directories that no one knows about and everyone wants to know about) has compiled a foolproof play by play for the best activewear deals to splurge on this Black Friday. Thanks to their rundown I can focus on scouring sites and filling up my shopping cart so that I am Friday ready. So straight from Racked to you… the best active offerings over the holiday weekend. And keep an eye on it, because this list will be updated now through the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

ADAY: The direct-to-consumer brand offers the best of both worlds: every day, athleisure-inspired clothes and efficient, performance-driven workout clothes. From November 22nd through November 26th, ADAY is introducing what it calls the Simplicity Rebate: For each item purchased, the brand will give you $20 back.

Alala: The super trendy New York City-inspired activewear brand is offering 30% off sitewide from November 22nd through November 26th, as well as 40% off for orders of $250 or more and 50% off orders of $500 or more.

Alo Yoga: The Los Angeles-based clothing brand “inspired by yogis and yogis-to-be” is offering up to 60% off its sale merchandise as well as 25% off full-priced items from November 24th through November 26th.Asics: Whether you need running sneakers, a sports bra, or a new gym bag, you’ll be able to pick it up at Asics. The technical sportswear brand is offering 30% off select styles online with code BLACKFRIDAY on November 24th. On November 25th and 26th, use code EXTRA25 for 25% off clearance. On November 27th, the deal will pop back up to 30% off select styles with code CYBERMONDAY.

Bandier: From November 21st through November 22nd, the cool-kid activewear hub is offering up to 70% off current products as well as some old best-sellers. From November 23rd through November 27th, the entire site will be 20% off.

Burton: From November 23rd through the 26th, the OG snowboarding brand is offering 20% off all outerwear, winter necessities, and backpacks, as well as free shipping. Same offer applies on November 27th for Cyber Monday!

Beyond Yoga: The luxury athleisure brand (and makers of the softest leggings I’ve ever tried) is offering 30% off sitewide from November 24th through November 26th, sale included! On November 27th, enjoy 35% off purchases of $150 or more.

GapFit: Gap’s in-house activewear line is offering a whole 50% off your purchase from November 22nd through November 26th. You can shop by activity — from barre and yoga to running and hiking — so it’s easy to find what you need.

Outdoor Voices: Instagram’s favorite activewear brand is offering 20% off on November 24th and November 27th with code STOCKUP.

Ren Active: The streetwear-inspired activewear brand, boasting all of the high-cut bodysuits and mesh-paneled leggings you could ever want, is offering 40% off sitewide from November 24th through November 28th with code RENHOLIDAY.

Sweaty Betty: The activewear brand known for churning out all-over-pattern leggings is kicking off its Black Friday sale off early on November 22nd. You’ll be able to snag 25% off sitewide and in-store through November 27th with code BLACK25.

Time to hustle up. Thanks Racked, we’re sweating y-o-u!