The North Face Purple Label Fall/Winter 2019, Purple Wind

Another win for nanamica‘s THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection “Purple Wind”. The seasonal lookbook is strong featuring oversized stylized layering, with their reinvention of adventurewear silhouettes renditions. The collection conveys a laid back presence focused on comfort without compromising style. As with every collection, you’ll find throwback silhouettes paying homage to The North Face’s heritage in the Denali jacket, Sierre parka, and retro Yosemite-branded pullover. Added accessories

The Fashion Cycle Club

Introducing ASCC Cycling, also known as ADER SSENSE is a collective comprised of like-minded cyclist whose collective believe that performance clothing functionality shouldn’t compromise its style.  Club members cycle experiences range from first timers to pros and they invite any level of rider and every fashion style under the sun. The main club objective is to have a good time together and are willing to mix up their personal cycling

Adidas Originals x Alexander Wang Announce That The Latest Fitness Craze Is At The Club

It’s the final countdown (t-minus nine hours) until the Adidas Originals x Alexander Wang season 5 collab drops. At 10:00 am EDT the 19 piece unisex collection of apparel and footwear is your fir the purchasing. Described as club leisure, (where one can sculpt a ‘Wangbody’) successfully engineered a new genera within the world of fitness. The style takeaway is reminiscent a late 80’s/ early 90’s workout, where muscle-beach is

The Fashion Of Sports Style

If you have ever searched for a fashionable sports image for whatever reason you might have noticed that the there are two very different types of images to choose from. One option being fashion focused images where the sports element is a reach. The images are sometimes overtly sexy and not relatable usually found on the pages of a fashion magazine. The other option being sports specific images, usually ads

3 Female Pro Skaters on How Skateboarding Is More Inclusive Than Ever – and Why It Still Has a Long Way to Go via HYPEBAE

When we come across a great article here at Heel-Side we feel the need to share the wealth. A perfect example from HYPEBAE, ‘3 Female Pro Skaters on How Skateboarding Is More Inclusive Than Ever – and Why It Still Has a Long Way to Go’ By Nav Gill. See a copy of the article below and get some key insight on the world of female skating from the pros

Listening To A Big-Wave Mission

During the past few weeks I have been on the move which presents the opportunity to plug into one of my favorite go to’s in entertainment, Outside Online’s Podcast. Today I listened to their latest dispatch session with Bianca Valenti and her Big-Wave Mission. Inspiring on so many levels. This episode touches on this past year in surfing and how professional surfing has undergone a remarkable and very unexpected evolution.

HYKE x The North Face’s Take On Cold Weather Essentials

Cold weather essentials are reimagined through HYKE x The North Face Spring Summer 2019 collection. Reunited following the duo’s clean Fall/Winter 2018 offering, HYKE will offer unisex pieces alongside specific mens and womenswear silhouettes. The aesthetic vibe builds on their prior collections design aesthetic with the additional fine tuning for an all-encompassing expansive yet minimal collection. A seemingly genderless collection lends beautifully monochrome-dressed pieces of oversized silhouettes, boxy fits, with loose comfortable cuts. You’ll

Nike Namaste

Nike has released their new ‘yoga collection’ this week. A somewhat surprising relelation because Nike is already a staple in nearly every yoga class I’ve sweat through. But the delay to the yoga clothing title-wave, the oversaturated yoga market in which any and all mainstream fashion brands released their althleisure, yoga friendly variations upon us. Maybe the timing is strategic? They did avoid that sport-wear traffic jam, or maybe it

Your Post-Holiday Gift Card Self-Gifting Gift Guide

Welcome to the post-holiday season. I came out of the 2018 holiday season with a stocking full of holiday gift cards. This may be a sign that I’m a difficult person to shop for… but I’m not going to overthink things (and I’m definitely not complaining) because it is time to go shopping and I know for a fact that I’m going to like every single gift I will be self

Ultra Trendy

The ultramarathon has gotten ultra trendy. The phenomenal rise in popularity has  increased 1,000% over the last decade alone. The new ‘extreme race’ have overshadowed the once impressive ‘marathon’, dubbing their 26.2 miles too achievable.  The staggering number of participants in ultra-marathons in North America alone have increased from 18,000 people in 2003 to 105,000 in 2017. An ‘ultramarathon‘, also called ultra distance or ultra running, is any footrace longer

On Beam

When we come across a editorial that inspires us we feel that it should be shared. Not a new editorial but well worth a once-over. Perfect timing at Heel-Side where we just caught up on the 2018 U.S. Gymnastics Championships. Congratulations to the winners which you can check out HERE. But first scroll down to see Katryn Kruger shot by Sasha Ida for Marie Claire France June 2016. There is nothing we