Well, it seems as though I have died and gone to heaven! Extreme Chanel heaven that is.

Today I came across Chanel sporting equipment (my life will never be the same). Never before have I pondered placing Chanel and gnarly in the same sentence…. but now the two go hand in hand. Chanel has once again made the lives of the rich and famous a bit more chic. Chanel’s sport collection includes a range of items including tennis racquets, snowboards, helmets, roller blades, weights, surfboards, guitars, and a dingy (who doesn’t want a Chanel dingy? Honestly).

From the sun to the snow they thought of everything… and they did it with style, as always. The brand was able to maintain its simple yet elegant design mentality with the execution of their product design, ensuring their items will top my Christmas list – as a matter of fact I think I will start one right now for 2010.

My-Oh-My. If this doesn’t make you sweat, I don’t know what will…..