If you have not heard….. neon is on my mind…. all the time. What a better way that to sport your neon brights than poolside (SIS I’m talking to you here!). Don’t ever let anyone convince you that a color is to loud for your liking. Sport the brights and sport them right, these brights are so right this summer and you should be taking advantage of this step away from the earthy tones and ever so dreary black and white bore me to the floor swim styles! Granted, you can’t take these pumps wake-boarding, but when you’re off the board and on the boat, these kicks will definitely do.

Just take a look at this shoot. A mix of neon, pattern, and accessory madness. Yet this works. It’s so right, and so hot. Neon dress should be instituted as part of all swimming pool dress code.  SPLASH via Velvet Mag July 2010 – shot by Enrique Badulescu – models Egle and Bailey. Definitely made a splash ladies…. spot me this weekend sporting this look.

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