This FootBALLer is def worthy of a Heisman nomination, or at least an honorable mention for sporting sexy sports apparel.

Ok I know…. this model footballer probably could not take the field wearing this unconventional uniform…. but what a super cute take on  America’s favorite pastime. The season will be here before you know it, so go ahead and get your game on… study the plays, and review the rules, so you can be the highlight of the night, possibly even earn yourself a sports center replay ? Who knows, you may even take a liking to the sport and become one of the founding women to take the field and take on the challenge. You will be making history by making necessary plays in a direction towards athletic selection based on talent rather than gender. Below are a few basic’s to get you started….. you’ll have to get the rest other cliff notes some where else, but you’re welcome to take the outfit inspiration from above for that late night sports center début.


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