Oh Love, Love, LOVE! US Marie Claire, November (which just happens to me my favorite month) issue has possibly hit perfection. Thus explaining my inability to articulate in words the endless reasoning behind this reasoning.  Featuring model Hana Hana Soukupova, shot by photographer James Macari, and styled by Zanna Roberts Rassi all contributed to capturing a certain flawlessness while exuding certain elements of sport, sex, color, and happiness (all in one frame i might add). Dubbed ‘Color By Numbers’, “Like a well designed city map, wardrobes get coded with blocks of mustard-yellow leather, turquoise satin, and grassy green silk. For Clarity outline in black and white”. If your pondering picking up a piece or two featured in this shoot you must refer to Marie Claire’s latest issue and mark pg 158. I am already on my way out, to grab these goodies before the goods are gone.

You’re welcome! Love, E



  1. love this spread, especially those yellow pants and the color-block dresses. i’m pretty tempted to try and make the pants via buying a pair of similar (cheaper) pants and dyeing them. any advice?

    1. Hi Melly,

      I would think you can find a similar pair for a cheaper price. I wouldn’t go through the trouble of dying a pair of pants. Look on Adidas Originals, RLX final sale, and even NIKE.com for a similar look. if you cant find the length you are looking for you could (1) opt for a child’s larger size, thus the length would be much shorter, or buy a pair a look up a tailor in your area to create the look you want (should only be 10/15 dollars tops.) I will look around at some options and send them to you ASAP. Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you again.

      Best, E

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