Capture the Epic

Good Sports Photography… EPIC

It’s hard to find it… when you’re not looking for photographs of professional male athletes in action. It’s a bit tedious when hunting for a workout shot that is specific. Although these A+ images are hard to find, they do however exist. Certain photographers have the gift of capturing the a woman in motion, showing not only pure athleticism, but a look into that woman’s strength, pain, power, and heart… without taking away that woman’s femininity and allure. These talented individuals capture all of these attributes, all in one frame.

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I recently stumbled upon photographer Alleh Lindquist, who seems to have a gift for capturing a woman in motion. Always a perfect shot.

Alleh quoted, ” The one word I strive to have describe my images is “epic” it’s the same word I want to think of when I’m at the end of my road looking back at my life”

These images are most definitely epic.

Enjoy! Check out additional work of this up and comer at

You’re Welcome! Love from E

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