As I looked across the table, I turned my head sideways while pondering why my friend was carrying around an IV bag? After a thorough explanation on this convenient and well designed water bottle that can be folded into thin air, an OMG why didn’t anyone come up with this sooner, moment that crossed my mind. Perfect for packing, traveling, and convenient galore. Did I mention eco-friendly? The company that produced my oh-so-clever friends bottle-o-choice is none other than the PLATYPUS

After a little hunting around for other alternative designs I found VAPUR, the anti bottle which comparable in price and appearance comes with a carabiner that acts as an attachment device, maximizing the space saved when the container is emptied. Not to fret this option is also perfect to packing, travel friendly, and ECO – LOGICAL.  

This is how it works… 

Good looking out Freddie! 

All my Love, E


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  1. i bought the purple platypus last weekend and used it during great urban race DC – as much as i love my klean kanteen, the platypus was awesome. Another plus – it won’t get me stopped by airport security every time i fly.

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