Sea Bags concept, is making moves. Take the old sails and make some splendid beach totes.  

Or if you happen to like this version, sold only at J-Crew Vacation Shop. Hurry before the totes set sail!

This company will trade bags for sails; pay for shipping or arrange for pick-up. Email ( with your queries. 

If these bag designs don’t fit your fancy, you can design your own,from your own sails. What a novel idea!

Don’t want bags for your sails? Make a tax deductible sail donation through our partnership withSailMaine and the Sea Bags Scholarship Fund for children to learn to sail.

Vintage, one of a kind (my favorite!), Eco friendly, philanthropic, and to cute to boot. Hats off Sea Bags, your sails are taking you in the right direction. 

Enjoy! Love, E!