You’ve Been Served


Spotted: The Soft Serve Fruit Co TM – 17th between B-way and 5th ave.


Served: Soft Serve Fruit 


Made fresh, in house, this totally satisfying dessert is deceptively simple.  With only 3 ingredients –   real fruit, filtered water, and a touch of organic cane sugar, it’s also 100% natural: non-dairy, free of fat, sodium, cholesterol, glutens, and all 8 major allergens.  Best part of all?  A small cup of the soft serve fruit contains less than 90 calories, and – wait for it – THEY DELIVER (oh how I LOVE NYC)!


The Soft Serve Fruit CoTM is pleased to offer this twist on a healthy treat – eating fruit just got cooler. 


Now that, my dear friends is a LEGIT score board if I’ve ever seen one!



Top o’ the food pyramid to ya,




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