NYSFF – Surf’s Up in the Big City!

New York Surf Film FEST-IVAL kicks off tonight, September 15th, and will continue through Saturday September 17th!   The Village Cinema in Manhattan, 24 East 12th St. will be home base for 30 première surf films that will be shown from around the world, where you’ll mingle with the likes of surf fanatics, filmmakers, and professional athletes.

Visit the website for more info @ http://newyorksurffilmfestival.com/. Surf the site to get seats. Here’s a breakdown of films you might want to catch. 


LOST ATLAS Screening w/ Lunch Break Q+A with  Kai Neville  7:10pm »

SOFIA Screening w/ Kai ‘e’e’Makani 7:20pm »

MANUFACTURING STOKE Screening w/ Smiling Spot Q+A with  Pierce Kavanagh(director/producer), my Petra Kavanagh (producer), Maximilian Schmige (Producer/ director of photography) and Ed Lewis (interviewee) 8:45pm »

CAUGHT INSIDE Screening with Ice Board  Q+A with  Paul Friedman 8:55pm »

HIGH 5 and SION Screening w/ I Am Andy Irons 10:40pm »

RUNMAN69  Screening w/ Surfers Journals POV Runman 11:00pm »


LOST & FOUND Screening w/ La Ruta Norte Q+A with Doug Walker Aaron Cheng 7:00pm »

BONO Screening w/ Capture: A Waves Documentary 7:10pm »

WAY OF THE OCEAN N Screening w/ Nike’s Leave a Message Q+A with  Matt Kleiner 8:45pm »

SOLD OUT  THIRTY THOUSAND Screening w/ Thom Q+A with Richard James + Riley Blakeway 9:00pm »

RUMORS Screening w/ Surfers Way Q+A with Elliot Zukerman 10:30pm »

FIRST LOVE Screening w/ La Ruta Del Mojado Q+A with  Jose Morales + Oswaldo Contretas 10:40pm »

DOWN WITH THE SHIP and NOW Screening Q+A with Derek Dunfee + Riley Blakeway  11:55pm »


SOLD OUT   COME HELL OR HIGHWATER Screening w/ 2011 D Day and Be Q+A with Keith Malloy + Roberto Dume  7:00pm »

SPLINTERS Screening w/ Longest Left Chicama 7:10pm »

LAST PARADISE Screening w/ Blue Sway 8:45pm »

REMA POR ESTA and CHASING THE SWELL Screening 9:15pm »

BOARDHEADS Screening w/ Project Kaisei  Q+A with  Davo Weiss and Janet Snapp 10:45pm »

YEAR ZERO Screening w/ Surfers Journal Wayne Lynch 10:50pm »

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