S.O.S. – Because Safety is Always in Style



Allow me to introduce my always-lovely, ever-responsible, slightly-older sister, who (unlike myself) was born with her head screwed on straight.  Her logical, play-by-the-book ways of navigating life tends to check me back into reality and provide me with a constant ideal of adulthood which I know I may never attain, but will forever attempt to.  Recently, she shared a link that I feel compelled to share with you, because honestly, it’s my social responsibility – this one has life-saving potential, folks.

Please note that although Lipstick and a Liftpass is a fashion-forward sports blog, we commend safety always and abide by rules (mostly), which usually come in the form of fashion-forward accessories. Whether helmets, goggles, or suntan lotion, you name it – it was invented for a reason, to keep us safe, and safety is always in fashion.

So what’s is the one thing often forgotten after grabbing our water bottles, iPods, helmets, life vests etc?  We almost never ever carry emergency contact information or medical information – why?  Unless you happen to be sporting a fanny pack – which I’m completely not opposed to, you’ve probably experienced soggy cash, clumsy medical tags, lack of pockets in clothes/gear that are rarely secure, or all of the above.

Allow me to interject with a solution here, courtesy of my responsible, lovely, slightly-older sister.  









VITAband – A soft wristband that provides access to all of your pertinent medical info (blood type, insurance, emergency contacts) as well as swipe-able credit card information. So you’re prepared for the worst, god forbid you ever need it, and the credit card info is accepted at more and more places that use contactless payment technology. In any losing scenario, it’s a win-win solution.

MMy take: Wow, thanks for the down low – how can I get banded?

1. Order your VITAband online

2. Upload your credit card  info and medical information

3. Your band and chip will arrive separately.  Connect the two and you’re off to adventure a little more safely.

Phew, no flag symbol waving for me. 

Thank you much sis!

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