A Sporting Life

I love a good collision with culture – especially when FITM puts it on. And conveniently, the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum is featuring an exhibit that deserves a LLP intro, as we speak.

A ‘Sporting Life’ is a fascinating portrayal of how we can tie the last 150 years of fashion and active sportswear in a beautiful knot, to show the magnitude of the increase of women’s participation in sports throughout the last century.  The shift from leisure to competition sports as it pertains to apparel has also been dramatic, with changes in silhouette, construction, and technology accounting for much of the change.  Each element has played a key role in the game of fashion, all for the goal to improve performance and aesthetic simultaneously. (Cough… LLP?) 

Active sportswear featured: football, baseball, tennis, golf, bicycling, horseback riding, motoring, skating, skiing, hunting, walking, swimming, and surfing.  Featured fashion labels included: Claire McCardell, Norma Kamali, Stephen Sprouse, and Isabel Toledo.  If you’re in the area, stop by and take a peek at sporting fashion through time (other exhibitions click here) . Exhibit is open until November 25th and free for all!

And of course, a big thanks to Fred Dennis, Jennifer Farley, and Colleen Hill who organized this exhibition. It really hit home for me and for LLP.  

Here’s to the goal,


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