Board with Paul Smith?

Break out the wax for the FATHOM SURFBOARD, Swami’s Surf Company in collaboration with Paul Smith one of England’s most highly regarded fashion designers. Custom made in Cornwall for surfer Sam Bleakley, catering to his high performance and high style way of riding.

Released just in time for the summertime surf swell, Swami is known for their artistic take on surf gear. Its all about customization, boards can meet any expectation you see fit. Shapers aggregate your logistics, height, weight, where you ride, the size of your swells – all to make the board feel that it was made for you (I mean it was right).

Your board is not the only trade up Swami is offering you this season -hand-shaped boards made to your exact specifications – The tailor made wetsuits.

And for further credibility: beach tees, blankets and rucksacks. You will be in the know, in style, and ready before the first summer sunrise.

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