Wold Cup Uniforms Ranked for Style not Score

Racked.com took an unique approach when selecting team favorites to route for.  Ranking all 30 Countries attending the World Cup by uniform style.  Here’s a peak at what they came up with.

I guess theres no rule against basing your Would Cup brackets by style (instead of score.)

32. Costa Rica

31. Tunisia

30-22. South Korea, Serbia, Egypt, Morocco, Denmark, Russia, Panama, Portugal, and Switzerland

21. Iran

20. England

19. Poland

18. Sweden

17. Uruguay

16. Argentina

15. Iceland

14. Mexico

13. Saudi Arabia

12. Colombia

11. Senegal

10. Germany

9. Brazil

8. France

7. Australia

6. Spain

5. Croatia

4. Japan

3. Belgium

2. Peru

1. Nigeria

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