Welcome to the post-holiday season. I came out of the 2018 holiday season with a stocking full of holiday gift cards. This may be a sign that I’m a difficult person to shop for… but I’m not going to overthink things (andĀ I’m definitely not complaining) because it is time to go shopping and I know for a fact that I’m going to like every single gift I will be self gifting myself. I usually find what I want to by post-holiday by checking out some of my favorite pre-holiday gift guides. I’m letting you in and sharing my bookmarked go tos guides in hopes to make up for the fact I didn’t deliver these pre-holiday (when you may have actually needed gift ideas). On the bright side, all the good stuff is yours for the self giving! I’ll leave you to it. Have a happy post-holiday everyone!

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  1. The Best Holiday Gifts for Beginning, Advanced, and Marathon Runners from the Strategist
  2. Get Lit: The 2018 Book-Giving Gift Guide from This Is Range
  3. Give Green: An Eco-Friendly Gift Guide from This Is Range
  4. The 2018 Holiday Adventure Gift Guide from Outside Online
  5. The 2018 Holiday Fitness Gift Guide from Outside MagazineĀ 
  6. The Six02 Give and Get Holiday Gift Guide from Six02
  7. 24 Gifts To Get The Runner In Your Life from Refinery29
  8. 16 Gifts For The Holidays That Give Back from Refinery 29
  9. The Wellness Junkie Gift Guide By Goop

Have a favorite gift guide source? Share a link in the comments below.