Nike has released their new ‘yoga collection’ this week. A somewhat surprising relelation because Nike is already a staple in nearly every yoga class I’ve sweat through. But the delay to the yoga clothing title-wave, the oversaturated yoga market in which any and all mainstream fashion brands released their althleisure, yoga friendly variations upon us. Maybe the timing is strategic? They did avoid that sport-wear traffic jam, or maybe it wasn’t necessary with the cult brand followers. Either way yoga is on the menu for your shopping convenience. Part of the Nike Training Line pieces focus on functionality, intended for ease of mobility, versatility and support.

Another step away from the all purpose (generic) workout gear and honing in to each  sports specifically. Technology, science, and fashion are developing their relationship to one another and I for one, am looking forward to seeing what comes out of that relationship. So, for all yogis, men, women, including plus sizes are available for your daily practice.

Bonus: Nike is offering a new yoga practice through their Nike Training Club app “Enhance Your Training with Yoga” . It details the tools needed to build strength, flexibility, and allow you to flow whenever and where-ever you choose.

To shop Nike’s first-ever yoga collection visit