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Recycling is a duty, not an option. Sports brands and outdoor companies are stepping up to the plate and using their resources for research to discover new methods, materials, and processes aiming to aid in the sustainability effort (earth damage control ). One company in-particular is making a name for themselves, whilst deep in the throngs of problem solving. The company is Finisterre, a cold water surf brand founded by Tom Kay that has taken on the challenge of finding a way to make neoprene recyclable. I came across this article “CLOSING THE LOOP ON SURFING’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET: HOW BRITAIN’S FINISTERRE INTENDS TO MAKE WETSUITS FROM WETSUITS” by Ryan Brower featured in RANGE Magazine issue nine and felt the need to pass it along. The end goal, Kay states is “to introduce a closed loop, ideally just going around and around and around with minimal addition of new raw materials, that is the ultimate sort of challenge”.  The original article is well worth the read. It’s proof that their are brands willing to make the effort and setting a president that hopefully inspires the rest to follow.   



Photos by Vogue Korea editorial, “Sea”.    

Editor Kim Mi-jin
Photographer KIM BO SUNG
Model Kwak Ji Young, Han Kyung Hyun, Soo Seon Lee, Ho Jung Lee,
Hair Kim Seung Won
Makeup Lee Jun-sung
Set styling Choi, Seoyun (Da; rak)
Daejeon small accessories Jeju Haeundae 

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