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I said I need dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need…And if I share with you my story would you share your dollar with me…

I know, I know… enough with the song quotes already (thank you ALOE BLACK); but this is a perfect intro to one of my favorite sweaty places in NYC.

Yoga to the People

Is only a dollar – that’s right (1$) donation based only studio – suggested class donation is $10 you can also rent a mat $2 or grab a bottle of agua $1.

This is a great place to stretch (insert molly Shannon S.N.L stretching here) and sweat!

I know when I come here I’m going to get a great workout. With three locations in NYC,  my favorite being St. Marks (power Vinyasa). 27th st. (Traditional hot yoga), Hot Power Vinyasa (38th st), alternative locations in Berkley, and San Fran.

If you read Yoga to the peoples mantra…. for a nutshell overview of this up and coming Yoga phenomenon; it says everything about their yoga ideal. These ‘People’ have something good going for them…which leads to one downfall…. this place is packed (coming from a New Yorker, packed may be an understatement)! But lets face it – a great workout for a dollar! It’s worth the fifteen min stake out for a spot. Just cross your fingers your neighbor has showered in the past day or so, finding your Om is a little hard when holding your breath.

With classes jam packed personal direction is hard to come by. I knew a thing or two about yoga when I tool my first class here (if I say the words flow, and up dog, and nothing related to yoga comes to mind – you may want to spend some extra cash/time to get some beginner stance instruction – and get you accustomed the yoga logistical lingo.)

For a little outside insight my big sis (who bends in so many directions I sometimes wonder how we are related) who is an avid Yogi, and a DC resident which means her personal space bubble extends a bit farther that the average New Yorker’s.

Pura Vita - Costa Rica

Carol’s first/only class at Yoga for the People, first impressions: absolutely shocked at how many people they managed to cram into the room! They just kept pouring in. For first timers I’d recommend doing what Eva did for me: Get there early (they usually end up turning people away anyway!) and snag a spot by the wall or up front to ensure that at least one side of your mat will not be bordered by a sweaty stranger. The good news is the instructors don’t hold back and the participants are respectful, so it’s an efficient workout with minimal distractions (considering). That being said, this is not a class for beginners. There is minimal explanation of poses and series’ (many are referred to by their Sanskrit names only). That could vary based on the instructor though. One last tip: bring a towel because with that many people the room gets steamy – you’ll definitely sweat!

For some additional insight; Courtney Novak (yoga to the People regular) take; “You don’t feel the intimidation factor here like in other studios. It’s easy to follow the instructor voice and not have to follow what the other more knowledgeable students are doing) they use real language – not all yoga speak – which makes it easy to follow and easy to get into. Its accessible and far from pretentious.

I love this place! Im sure you will to. So give it a try, sit on the street corner if need be…. grab that dollar to cover your fee.

Yoga to the People Mantra

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