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As of late skate decks are not just for transportation they have taken on the roll of a fashion accessory. 

James Purse jumped on board (pun intended) and recently released his take on some fashionable fitness gear. The well know ready to wear fashion designer looked back at the Southern Cal. ethos (via 1970) in what defined ‚Äėskateboard culture‚Äô as we know it today. Purses design¬†reflects the soul orgin of the movement, he kept the bones of a well designed board mechanically and added in his own aesthetic appeal. ¬†Manufactured in the heart of LA each deck is unique, individually handcrafted solid walnut planks reinforced with solid wenge strips for added stability. Add on some high-performance trucks, wide pavement-hugging wheels, and your ready to hit the street. A fashion statement that will move you (ha)! Optional cruise speed – lax on the long board 45‚ÄĚ ¬†or pick up the pace and add a little air with the standard kicktail board. 32‚ÄĚ

Next up – Purse’s custom built vintage-style beach cruiser. Keeping the authenticity of the original cruiser, Purse revisited the ’50s/’60s where the cruise¬†began… and well is still going strong.The cruser is ¬†known for its stylistic fat tires (to handle sand), wide-style handlebars, and coaster brakes trademarked the form and function. A staple ride for native SoCal‚Äôs. Purse threw in his take and ta-da a style ride is born.¬†

If your prefer to be in the ocean, rather than riding along it –¬†¬†not to fret Purse put his design skills surf side with the Yosemite Performance Paddle Board. Another classic design and individually hand crafted by one of Southern California’s preeminent shapers and glassers. Short and light, a board built¬†for speed and maneuverability. Size: 10′ 6″. ¬†Purse designed a SUP as well, the Yosemite Wood Paddle also hand-made, ¬†available in 76″ and 78″¬†

So whether your on the boardwalk or catching a wave you can sport a fashionable Purses piece.  Keeping true to the heritage of the sports functionality  and form, you know sporting this gear, are bound to stand out (if your not on your A game, you will look like a pro) Рa true fashion statement on the move.   To order, contact:

Happy Accessorizing!


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