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Searching for a yoga place that feels like home… it’s comparable to searching for that special someone…the end result is similar in both scenarios, where you’re essentially entering into a form of domestic partnership. You’re obliged to ‘please sign on the dotted line’, affirm acceptance of your partner – the good, the bad – and all the in-between. Point blank – when it comes to finding your place of om it helps to be in love – the atmosphere, the look, the music, the ammenities (or even lack thereof), the site, and all the nuances that define the aura of each yoga destination.  But let’s be honest – the process to find that place where you feel centered can be a mind-bender, straying from the sane nature of the yoga practice.

Enter Passport to PRANA.  If you happen to be a yogi, looking for somewhere to namaSTAY, consider this a ‘speed dating’ passport to the perfect yoga destination of your choice.  For a minimal fee, you’re given a plethora of destinations in your city, where we just know at least one will meet all your picky criteria.  Try them out, one pass (one date), pressure-free at one, some, or all of the participating yoga studios.  Even if you’re already comfortable with a yoga of your own, but are feeling adventurous – sign on to expand your horizons…you never know what new position you’ll find yourself in.  And isn’t that exciting.

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