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Stand for many things. The ‘thing that I am referring to’ can be attributed to a lesson I learned over this past Memorial Day. That being, a first aid kit is not only handy, but sometimes vital, thus an all around good idea. So while we shop, we must remember the fundamentals for any shopping excursion. Any item purchased must be ¬†functional, aesthetically pleasing, and made well. ¬†Which leads me to this lovely first aid kit by¬†Best Made Co. With all of our daily¬†exercising, along with the average hight of our favorite shoes, makes this Red Cross Kit essential to keep¬†good-looking feet.¬†


Love the clean lines, and minimalistic reproach which revisits the¬†first,¬†Aid Kits.¬†That about wraps it up ladies and gents. I bid you ado’.¬†

Love, E!



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