Bridging the gap between fashion and fitness for female the athlete. 

Heel-Side was created out of frustration searching for fashion fitness apparel in the athlesure days. Since then the gym specific options increased tenfold. There are now so many athletic brands options that its easy to find pieces to mimic our own personal style. Now that the gym style is taken care of the only other types of apparel and equipment needing restyling is, well… everything sports related outside of basic athletic training. Try to think of more than five go to brands for hiking, rock-climbing, golf, biking, and so on, and so on. People starting to pay attention and listening to what women want and need, and expect in apparel and gear options. 

As this tipping point approaches, Heel-Side continues to provide curated content for the fashionable fit. We aim to inform  readers about stand out brands, collaborations, gear, and leaders that are redefining how fashion plays a role athletic apparel and gear. Providing our most valued resources and educational opportunities, and where to find communities of like minded women. As women there is a place on place on the team, on the court, on the mountain. 

Heel-Side is here to allow women to be the best athlete in their sport wearing what we want and having gear that is fashion forward never compromising the technical functionality. So when were at the top of our game. We look good doing it. Heres to each and every model athlete out there.