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It’s the final countdown (t-minus nine hours) until the Adidas Originals x Alexander Wang season 5 collab drops. At 10:00 am EDT the 19 piece unisex collection of apparel and footwear is your fir the purchasing. Described as club leisure, (where one can sculpt a ‘Wangbody’) successfully engineered a new genera within the world of fitness.

The style takeaway is reminiscent a late 80’s/ early 90’s workout, where muscle-beach is united through athletics. It’s the ‘club leisure life’ where the dress code inspiration us represented through silhouetted shape along with bold, bring, throwback graphics bold, bright graphics. Every piece in the collection is designed to take you from the gym to the dance floor.

The clothing’s graphics are a throwback, as well. The silhouettes intention is to establish a feeling of freedom, without sacrificing underlying athletic principal (a pro-flex if you will).

The editorial composition can be credited too Wang through his electing to cast professional dancers as the talent, included Dakota Moore, Noami Janumala, Avi McClish and Olivia Burgess. The final editorial campaign represented this newly created club leisure identity thanks to choreographer Tanisha Scott. Photographed by Johnny Dufort and styled by Haley Wollens. I would have never expected that clubbing would one day become a sport and share a dress code that was appropriate for late night dancing downtown and the next morning when  sweating it out (one tequila, two tequila) at the gym.

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