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I want to take some time to catch up on the recent game changers in the athletic world. Heel-Side was on an extended hibernation¬†staycation (i.e. outside of the blogosphere.) Good news – back home among the fashionably fit. A little overtime needed to catch you up to who’s on the A team these days – some serious cliff note sessions are¬†queued up. Here we go…

Today at Heel-Side we are all about  Kit and Ace. Founders Shannon and JJ are none other than the wife and step-son of iconic fitness brand Lululemon founder РChip Wilson. Kit and Ace will not compete with the stronghold that is Lululemon for market dominance, however this brand is staking a claim in the althleisure realm of high fashion and luxury comfort without compromising the functionality.


Kit and Ace is taking an innovative spin on this now over-saturated industry where it is hard to tell who is who without checking the label. So what is so different about Kit and Ace?

  • Kit and Ace is future-focused and in constant pursuit of the newest systems, fabrics, tools, construction, and care. They’re behind a huge disruption taking the possible to new heights – a.k.a. offering up a Technical Luxury‚ĄĘ cashmere that you can wash!
  • ¬†Each store¬†is unique (taking surrounding fashion trends, climate¬†and other social factors into consideration) coinciding with¬†the local environment. Unique decor, merchandise, and interior space.
  • They promote local artisans. All interior art/decor is sourced locally. Any in-store events are catered and curated from neighbors. Recognizing local influence and honoring it in ways unique to each store location.
  • A classic American road trip dubbed the ‘Grand Tour’ – a copper-clad Airstream trailer decked out in modern luxury – a mini Kit and Ace served on the go. Why? Simple: Kit and Ace was looking to meet the neighbors. They get to take in the culture and meet the resident taste makers while introducing themselves to the scene before they set up shop. Jump on the bandwagon and get real-time updates on who, what, where.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.30.30 PM

  • AND… these guys just want to do good stuff. No industry standard (brilliant!). Committed to¬†integrity,¬†treating their¬†people well (same for the people they¬†work with),¬†sourcing luxury globally and making headway in the luxury apparel market through innovative technology.

This brand was worth the words. We will be following along here at Heel-Side!

Check out the Kit and Ace in NYC here. 

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