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Oh, technology… What a marvelous addition you layer onto our lives. You make things so efficient and so available, with all the information in the world just a click away. How can you possibly infiltrate our lives more?? Enter Zeal goggles. The ultimate downhill technology released for the first time THIS  slope season. These beauties pack in necessary (and peripheral) features to own the slopes – a speedometer, current and average speeds, altitude levels, a stopwatch, environmental temperature and coordinates (using the GPS data transmitted through microUSB, using Google earth and a propriety tracking system) – and there’s more, I swear. The goggles are controlled by a wireless remote that can be worn on the wrist, arm or goggle strap, and allow you to keep track of your performance on the snow, and transfer data to your Mac or PC after the fact for filing away, analyzing your run, or planning your next outing. The best part – all of the info is displayed brilliantly on the screen of the goggles themselves.  Yes, really. Don’t worry – doesn’t sound like they’ve forgotten the basics, the Z3’s also pack in enlarged polarized in-molded anti-fog lenses that are said to reduce 99.9% of glare from the sun to reduce eye fatigue by automatically adjusting to varying light levels. And it’s juicy – a battery pack will run a full six hours….so play away snow bunnies.  The super snazzy goggles retail for $549 and you can pick one up from Zeal Optics as well as specialty retailers and other online stores worldwide.

The future is suddenly more clear…


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