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... Just took on a whole new meaning. Enter GRAIN, a solid company that offers a local product that is hand crafted and focused on the goal at large; to ride the waves.

What if that was what you learned in school? Oh and to BOARD! Not BE board, but to make them, yes… make your own surf board in school.

At GRAIN you can do just that. The company took shape in a York Beach, Maine basement. Founder Mike LaVecchia’s long time love of board sports and passion for traditional wooden boat-building techniques, add in an additional body; co-owber Brad Anderson and a full-fledged surfboard manufacturer was born.

A groundswell of interest and earnest commitment to their mission; use of natural, sustainable, beautiful wood to create surfboards, propelled Grain to the forefront of a growing market. With less impact on the environment and more impact on you’re surfing.

Grain will cater to their customers and to the do-it-yourselfers with surfboard kits and workshops. Yes, you can build your own board in school!

A great company, an incredible vision, with a beautiful product that Grain owners, customers, student, and the environment can all enjoy.

Love, E

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