Outside Intimidated?

The world of outdoor adventure can be exciting but intimidating. We could place the blame on lifestyle evolution, which has invited us all indoors. On an average day the majority of us spend little to no time outdoors. Lack of exposure has ultimately confiscated any confidence in comfort being active outside. I know from experience that exploring and adventure outdoors can seem out of reach, confusing, plus it’s hard to know where and how to start.

So how do we get from novice to competent? We look for guidance that will hold our hands through the first steps. What to expect, how to stay safe, and how to join the experienced are among the dilemmas we face for those seeking adventure. After training you will be ready to be released from the nest. 

A cliche saying, “everyone started at the beginning” rings true here. We were all there once, so believe me, we get it. So let’s cover some options to get on your outdoor adventure.  Below we have put together organizations and resources that offer instruction and training for all levels. No matter how experienced you become, there is always room for growth. The outdoor community practices family values, and there is no room for judgment. We learn from those more experienced, we teach those that are less experienced, and the end goal is to share what the great outdoors has to offer.

The benefits that outdoor adventure will have on you life is reason enough to try something in the wild. So… let’s go outside.

Start with some research and prep

  • Read some articles for beginners: how to stay safe, what equipment you will need, classes offered in your area, trips that offer trained guides, and local meet-ups. A great resource for information is at your local outdoor retailer.

Publications & Blogs

Education & Classes


Womens Adventure Travel


These recommendations are the tip of the iceberg. Please note that besides the publications I have not participated directly in any of the classes or trip recommendations. If you have any great resources be sure to share them with us and we will add them to this post.

Images: Yosemite Camp: Dree Hemingway by Matt Jones for Elle Italia August 2014

Model: Dree Hemingway (DNA)
Photographer: Matt Jones
Stylist: Alberto Zanoletti
Hair: Kristin Ess
Make-Up: Maria Seccia


Vintage North Face and High Fashion Collision


In a new series of archival editorials, GARAGE taps The North Face vintage product and apparel dating back five decades. North Face goods include everything from medical equipment to everyday hiking gear and paired with high fashion designer goods. If one could imagine what it would look like for fashion to collide head-on with the outdoor adventure market, this is what you would get. Link to full article below.   

To see the full article here GARAGE No. 14.

Source: VICE  written on Feb 14th, 2018

In this story: Photographer: Bruno Staub; Fashion editor: Mel Ottenberg; Hair; Model: Constance Jablonski; Manicurist: Maria Salandra ; Photographer’s assistants: Evan Browning, Ryan Petru; Fashion assistants: Malcolm Mammone, Alban Roger; Hair assistant: Kabuto Okuzawa; Digital tech: Sara Lewis; On-set production: Franco Polar