Nike Air Max Con NYC

Nike Air Max Con inauguration is in full swing in celebration of the third unofficial Nike Air Max Day.

MARCH 26, 2016

Air’s March 24 début runs through the 26 in a multi city birthday bash. In NYC’s Skylight Clarkson Square hosts the pop up space dedicated to Air Max’s iconic design, history and innovation. A unique introduction melding past and present through interactive integration.

Nike Air Max Con

Capsule invite visitors to take part in Nike’s Vote Back program (retro revival of the winning shoe), watch the Masters of Air documentary, curated Air Max-flavored KITH Treats by Ronnie Fieg, and watch your favorite shoes be transformed into art.

Nike has set a sneaker standard and harnessed the power of to transform us all – denominate of sneaker culture.

Nike Air Max Day

Nix Netflix and Chill for…

Whether travel, never-ending work hours, or a generally all-over-the-board schedule, there is a lot of pull on life that can leave your workout routine neglected. The simple solution may be streaming. Whenever, wherever workouts and classes accessed anytime/anywhere (with space for a yoga mat and a solid WiFi connection). Here are some viral options for you to try out.


  • YogaGlo

    YogaGlo’s online classes range from 5-120 minutes, and students can pick between super physical “body” classes to more spiritual or meditative mind and heart classes. The big selling point, though, is that they fly in some of the country’s best yoga teachers, so you get access to incredible resources. In addition, members have access to lectures and workshops by yoga scholars.

  • Tracy Anderson

    This option needs little in the way of introduction: This is the workout that GP does, made available in living rooms everywhere. Tracy films her weekly Master Class, which means that you’re getting the same routine as what goes down in the studio classes—and like a traditional membership, the moves change every week. Die-hards can actually install the signature cardio fly floor in their garages or spare bedrooms for the full experience.

  • Ballet Beautiful

    It’s not really surprising that Mary Helen Bowers’ ballet-based workout chain is growing like crazy; her body does the advertising itself. The streaming workouts are interactive, meaning that thanks to the magic of Skype, instructors can actually see you in your home and offer real-time feedback on your form.

  • Pilatesology

    Since everything happens on the mat, Pilates has lent itself nicely to at-home videos since the days of VHS. For devotees of the old-school style, streaming service Pilatesology is truly an indispensable resource. Workouts can be tailored to fit time availability, skill level, and equipment availability; a membership affords access to everything from beginner mat classes to advanced reformer work.

  • Daily Burn

    At $12.95/month, Daily Burn costs about as much as you’ll probably spend on lunch today, but the payoff is significantly more substantial. The website offers diverse workouts from a stable of in-house instructors, including classes in Pilates, yoga, weightlifting, and cardio. Easy-to-follow meal plans are also included.

  • Yogis Anonymous

    Yogis Anonymous is based out of a homey Santa Monica studio, and the videos on their site are footage of their actual classes. New classes are uploaded frequently, so there’s no risk of boredom, and the lack of staging makes the entire endeavor feel very comfortable and a lot less cheesy. If you live in LA, it’s easy to supplement the convenience of the digital classes with the community of their real-life studio.

  • Peloton

    The concept behind Peloton is pretty genius if you’re a spin fan: purchase one of their bikes for your home, and you’ll get access to live and on-demand spin classes taught in their New York studio from the screen mounted to your bike. Those with a competitive streak will appreciate that metrics are displayed throughout the ride (if you’d rather not know, you can always collapse that view). In addition to their classic indoor classes, they offer outdoor-style rides with professional cyclists through their partnership with the Garmin team.


Fashion Freewheeling

A beautiful feature in this seasons The Gentlewoman Spring/Summer 2016. Freewheeling shot by Daniel Riera captures sisters Andrea & Julia Wilshusen mid ride.






Sweating ADay

Heel-Side is taking a look at the fashion fitness label ADAY.  ADAY targets the millennial consumer (or those that have acclimated the characteristics embraced by this generation) of the work hard – play hard a constant push-pull of work life balance and flexibility. So much to do and so little time.


Founders Nina Faulhaber and Meg He partnered up while working at Goldman Sachs over their mutual love of boutique fitness. The developed the line to solve a daily struggle of their own; intelligent busy women with endless work life balance, exercising and staying healthy being one of them. The current marketplace athlesure offerings were lacking the versatility of  fully active clothing that doesn’t look active. Leaving you with the choice od lugging around daily workout clothing changes or not working out – far from ideal.

ADAY took away that obstacle with their performance fabrics you’re meant to sweat in and transition seamlessly from day to night – fully active clothing that doesn’t look active. Placing equal emphasis on contemporary ready-to-wear design and high performance quality pieces won’t hold you back from whatever your daily daily calendar throws your way – and through all of the beautiful chaos in between.


Check some of the ADAY 2016 season online now. The design speaks for itself at ADAY. Consensus here at Heel-Side, “we’re into it.”

The team at ADAY also curated WANDER – a global content edit on where to work out and the spots to wear it out. Sharing these places and spaces that focus on spots where the ADAY fans can do business, grab a bite, sweat it out and travel to.


Sweating Sworkit

A guilty pleasure here at Heel-Side is taking a time out to watch Shark Tank. During the latest episode a company called Sworkit (Simply Work It) dove into the tank – and the Sharks took the bait.


Sworkit’s premise is to remove the excuse by offering anywhere, anytime workouts. The app allows you to customize video workouts including strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching. Length of workouts range from 5 to 60 minutes.  Best part about this app is that if a move is too hard or you’re just not feeling it, skip it and the app selects the next move to keep you moving.


Workouts are curated similar to music playlists – have a favorite move? Add it to a playlist, or choose from standard workout (favorite album).

If you want to pay the $2.99 monthly subscription or $19.99 yearly subscription you can get some great goodies:

  • Ad-Free Workouts (this alone had Heel-Side sold)
  • Exclusive Low Impact Exercises for Beginners and Older Adults
  • Customizable exercise intervals
  • Save unlimited custom workouts (plus additional editing capabilities)
  • Exclusive pre-built workouts
  • “Ask a Trainer” feature

It’s a perfect remedy for every exercise excuse, not to mention an excellently executed platform for usability, functionality, and most importantly, results.

Sweating Y-7 Yoga

Heel-Side took to the beat-driving vinyasa flow space of Y-7 Studios Broome Street location this past weekend. There has been a lot of talk around town about Y-7 Yoga Studios founded by Mason and Sarah Levey. This studio is redefining the stereotypical yoga practice ‘norm’- no mirrors, no candles.

The lights go off, the heat goes up and you get right into the flow. The class tempo is paced off cultivated playlists . These beats are legit, and make you work hard for the entire 60 minute intense sweat session. This music is good! You’ll be introduced to new artists and hear some of the classics mixed in with great remixes to create the perfect atmosphere for the avid yogis of Y-7.




Yoga ideation is a new gateway practice revamped with upbeat sweatspiration. The flow was great and, true to their slogan, the sweat was dripping. We will be back for sure.

See Y-7’s other studio locations in NYC and CA here.


Sweating Shadowbox NYC


Heel-Side got in the ring with Shadowbox NYC this past weekend – the newest boxing gym dubbed the ‘Soul Cycle’ of its creed.

The class process breakdown starts when you reserve a class online. Pick a bag (akin to grabbing a bike for spin). The 20 min early arrival for new Shadwboxers is a wise suggestion to allow enough time to get equipment (if you don’t have yours in tow): wraps and glove rentals, both needed to participate in class. Navigating the traffic is a bit overwhelming on the first go – one packed class is assembling while soaked boxers are leaving the single studio.

Each class is directly related to the instructor’s perception of students’ abilities: catering to the more advanced but keeping the beginners in the ring as well. Here is where you may need some skills under your belt. If you have never boxed before, technique and cardio sequences can quickly get lost. The bags make instructor visibility difficult at times depending where your bag is and if you have no clue about how to properly execute a jab, cross, hook, or uppercut you could be asking for an injury.

The studio seems to offer night club ambiance: dim lights and stacked sound system. Music is legit – great remixes never miss a beat throughout the class. Five minutes before the class starts, instructors offer a quick orientation on correct stance, types of punches, and combinations you will encounter throughout the class.


Go time – kick off with cardio planks, squats, burpies, and jumping jacks. These cardio sprints come back into play throughout the workout. Each new sequence is brief and the instructor will announce the sequence combination before each boxer is released to put their own spin on it (pick it up or slow it down depending on your experience/fitness level). The instructor navigates though the bags during each sequence before instructing the new combo doling out some tips and tricks.


The soundtrack was steady, the sweat was heavy and the workout was intense. Heel-Side left with good feeling workout that will keep us coming back into the ring for more.

All About Kit and Ace

I want to take some time to catch up on the recent game changers in the athletic world. Heel-Side was on an extended hibernation staycation (i.e. outside of the blogosphere.) Good news – back home among the fashionably fit. A little overtime needed to catch you up to who’s on the A team these days – some serious cliff note sessions are queued up. Here we go…

Today at Heel-Side we are all about  Kit and Ace. Founders Shannon and JJ are none other than the wife and step-son of iconic fitness brand Lululemon founder – Chip Wilson. Kit and Ace will not compete with the stronghold that is Lululemon for market dominance, however this brand is staking a claim in the althleisure realm of high fashion and luxury comfort without compromising the functionality.


Kit and Ace is taking an innovative spin on this now over-saturated industry where it is hard to tell who is who without checking the label. So what is so different about Kit and Ace?

  • Kit and Ace is future-focused and in constant pursuit of the newest systems, fabrics, tools, construction, and care. They’re behind a huge disruption taking the possible to new heights – a.k.a. offering up a Technical Luxury™ cashmere that you can wash!
  •  Each store is unique (taking surrounding fashion trends, climate and other social factors into consideration) coinciding with the local environment. Unique decor, merchandise, and interior space.
  • They promote local artisans. All interior art/decor is sourced locally. Any in-store events are catered and curated from neighbors. Recognizing local influence and honoring it in ways unique to each store location.
  • A classic American road trip dubbed the ‘Grand Tour’ – a copper-clad Airstream trailer decked out in modern luxury – a mini Kit and Ace served on the go. Why? Simple: Kit and Ace was looking to meet the neighbors. They get to take in the culture and meet the resident taste makers while introducing themselves to the scene before they set up shop. Jump on the bandwagon and get real-time updates on who, what, where.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.30.30 PM

  • AND… these guys just want to do good stuff. No industry standard (brilliant!). Committed to integrity, treating their people well (same for the people they work with), sourcing luxury globally and making headway in the luxury apparel market through innovative technology.

This brand was worth the words. We will be following along here at Heel-Side!

Check out the Kit and Ace in NYC here. 

Everything but the Dress

Karlie Kloss caught sporting yet again. New face  for Kurt Geiger’s Spring | Summer 16 campaign.


Black, red, and white – a pared down color pallet evoking none other than team spirit. Energetic, high fashion sporting  is the baseline appeal in this collab between Creative director Rebecca Farrar-Hockley and Erik Tortensson. Pieces include swim, sport sandal hybrids, sneakers, and flat-forms. The game plan here was to avoid compromising functionality and wearability for high fashion style, they nailed it. Uniquely, this collection seems to be a go-to uniform worthy everywhere and in-between; on a stage or crossing the finish line. Perfectly defined as style that is made to move.

Rebecca Farrar-Hockley’s long standing friendship with Erik Tortensson – two who have paired up a time or two in past projects – regrouped yet again. It seems these two make a strong team. Here’s to another game changer!

Model Karlie Kloss. Photographed by Erik Torstensson.

The Who’s Who that’s Six:02

In a recent shoot with Six:02 I got a sneak peak at some impressive new workout gear that will be in stores soon. Really… I made a wish list for when the merchandise hits stores.

Six:02’s Holiday Ads produced by me (E) feature some current in-store merch. I recommend taking a look.




Check them out HERE.

NIKE x Pedro Lourenço

Pedro Lourenço x NIKE collaboration collection launched in January 2015 –  on point and worth a re-visit. Lourenço 12 capsule sportswear collection delivered what it is that athletes want; design and functionality. Model Karlie Kloss’ campaign further highlights the clean,modern aesthetic through geometric movement and applied technique. Somehow this year-old ad campaign is still in the game.

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Equinox putting on some serious lbs.

Equinox is putting on some serious lbs. – in real estate that is; 75 fitness-centric hotels to be exact.

Club_76th_Hero_Tablet_1024x500_FrontDesk faded

Locations will circle the globe and NYC is launching one of the first. Location is confirmed in the Hudson Yards project on the West Side of Manhattan. Designed by Yabu Pushelberg, will include a 60,000-square-foot gym, indoor and outdoor pools and restaurant featuring organic and locally sourced health focused dining. Open date is specked for 2018 and the Los Angeles hotel shortly after in 2019.

Alexander Wand  2013 show was a knockout featured everything one would need to enroll in a high fashion boot camp. The fashionable élite outfitted accessories included  jump ropes, boxing gloves, yoga mats, and a mock croc bike locks, which could motivate anyone to get moving. I hope this training trend carries over to the 2014 RTW I could get used to this high fashion take on working out.

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well suited

From the moment of  MIKOH  swimwear launched the Miller sisters have graced the swim scene with stunning silhouettes and modern cuts.  No doubt these two have already made waves in the swim sector but 2014 will mark another milestone. Braving the open water, MIKOH will release of their first ever collection catering to the surf scene. Lets get it on (summer and these suits that is)!





New Balance 996ER available now, a new rendition of the 996 model. Now that’s ‘MERICAN if I do say so myself!


Is anyone else craving a little Rocky themed running session? 

Juice Shop

A Juice Shop that sells…? You guessed it, JUICE. This Shop O’ Juice takes the highest quality fruits and veggies, the true OG in SF juice.  All juices are unpasteurized and cold pressed daily. The small window shop juice connoisseurs are knowledgeable and personable. They exude a passion for their health (glowing skin on these ppl. no lie) and the company that they are building. And when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Juice Shop aims to reduce environmental impact by using locally sourced produce, reusable glass bottles (when returned you get some cash – win for you – win for mother earth). Oh and they deliver! So it’s either pick up or delivery, located conveniently on 1994 Union St. (corner of Union and Buchanan) – neighboring both Lulu Lemon and Lucy, is seems like this block is taking shape. Drive by from Monday – Friday  7am – 6pm and weekends   9am – 6pm. 


Check out The Juice Shop here.

Lots of love from the LEFT COAST!


Listen to the Beat… BEAT

My heart skipped a beat when I set my eyes on these little accessories. Firstly I love my beats headphones. I take them EVERYWHERE I travel.  Now these…(sigh) This is the ONLY type of headphone that I wear working out  and with the added bonus of them limited edition Dre beats… enough said.


Heres the specs. 

MADE FOR ATHLETES. – Flexible ear clips are designed to secure Power beats earphones in your ears no matter how rigorous your workout. Sweat-resistant materials and ear tips of all sizes keep you comfortable always.

CLEARER SOUND. DEEPER BASS – Powerbeats earphones are the only Beats by Dr. Dre earbuds that come with two speakers inside each bud. That means you get crystal clear highs and deep, rumbling lows in high definition.

SAFETY FIRST – Powerbeats earphones are specially designed to pump clear bass at any volume while letting in ambient noise – making sure athletes stay safe while running on the road.

REMOTE CONTROL CORD – You can adjust your music to find your power song right from the cord. No need to fumble with your MP3 player during your workout.

I haven’t gotten myself a birthday present as of yet. Don’t mind if I do!


Chanel Water Gymnastics by Karl Lagerfeld

CHANEL’s seaside themed Spring 12 campaign by Karl Lagerfeld (creative director) campaign featuring Models Saskia de Brauw and Joan Smalls. The chute location is sun drenched shots capture the models frolicking near the ocean at France’s Hôtel du Cap Eden Roc, France, and in the nearby Mediterranean waters.









In gymnastic-inspired poses shots are captured, Andrea Perry’s soundtrack, ‘If you come over’, playful antics harmonize with the acoustics. The seaside gymnastic theme contrasts with the dramatic tailoring and feathered outfits, adding a certain femininity to the scene. The final shots characterized the dramatic story compared to the soft whimsical making of the video (which can only be defined as Chanel). Chanel yet again raises the bar on high fashion. 

Get The Look: GAME TIME

4th and Bleeker one os the OG fashion blogs to pioneer the style blogsphere. An eye for style and photography have made a name for themselves lending the biggest names in fashion to partner with her on collaborations and collections.  Below Spencer styled by… herself an everyday take on the uniform. Keep an eye out for her on the style scene. 


Check out her blog here 4th and Bleeker.

Good Company

(Sigh)… It’s a breath of fresh air when a new brand surfaces. The Moncler puffer jacket has been a staple on fashionistas Holiday wish lists for some time. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Moncler. One of my favorites for more than several reasons. However when everyone girl walking down the street has on an identical jacket, it’s becomes… whats the word…mainstream? So Jcrew, the talent scouter’s that they are (Mickey D, who is way ahead of the game) brings a ‘meticulously curated collection, based on quality, craftmanship, and of course cool factor’,  dubbed ‘in good company’. I love, love, love what JCrew is doing here. It would be just as easy for JCrew to knock off any of these products (if no patton prohibits) creating an exact replica – adding a JCrew tag. Brand collaboration and good old-fashioned curation, pairing the company with talented designers with solid product and bringing them on to ‘the Crew’. 

Back to the (sigh)… and enter Authier. The company originated in Switzerland in 1910, this Italian brand of “chic sportif” is synonymous with elegance and innovation (it was among the first to offer skis when the sport was taking off in the early 20th century). The ready-to-wear collection transfers the craftsmanship and technology of its skis to clothing that’s made in Italy and coveted by ski enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike. Authier’s devotion to materials extends right down to the zippers (also made in Italy) and the label, which is stitched by hand. 

Good work Crew. Giving us something to sigh about. 

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