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Its hot out there, but hat doesn’t stop model Natasha Poly from crunching on the concrete. That said… it should stop you from crunching either. If it’s to hot to work it out outside, take it to the gym, or even to the streets for a fast and fun school yard blast from the past game of dodge ball, jump rope, capture the flag, a game of tag on the playground or whatever the neighbor hood kids are in on. A great way to burn the calories without resorting to your same old routine. The kids are sure to make you smile and I will cross my fingers that they will smile in return (if you’re not a kid fan probably not a good idea, we wouldn’t want any Billy Madison Dodge ball replays), and not to mention making their parents happy for giving them a breather.

Fashion spread shot by Craig McDean on March 11th 2010. A great mix of sports and fashion that may just inspire you to play games – all sorts. These concrete past times just may take you back to happy childhood memories, and a bit closer to that weight you once were.

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