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Who: The Cyclery

What: a real Cycle shop – one where arrogance and attitude are not welcome, but you are. (seriously, read the reviews)

Why: Focus on Four Pillars – 1. Sales 2. Services 3. Classes 4. Collaborative Builds

How: bikes are built from the ground up – they design rides from scratch or fix the one you’re riding now. Classes are FREE.  And best of all, they’ll go out of their way to ensure that you have the best experience you can have in a bike shop. ah hem…cycle shop.

Now: a place like this inspires – go ahead and explore, there’s a perfect cusom design just waiting for you to hop on and try it out.

Check out some of their custom built rides and their site for further details,

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*cough* best gift ever *cough*

From one fashionista on wheels to another,

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