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KUBE has launched a new fashion accessory that is shaking up the barriers between sport and fashion (there is nothing better!). With the World Cup coming to a close, the practice of soccer is about more than competition and the soccer field, a new dimension which has brought the sport closer to fashion. KUBE has used the concept of what an “accessory” is – the fruit of a new idea – by completely designed balls. New production techniques have singled KUBE out to the only silk-screen printed soccer balls brand, refurbished with an artistic and trendy composition. That’s why these balls are called “fashion-balls”. Along with these advanced esthetic characteristics, all the technical criteria has been studied in order to provide a top-of-the-range ball. Entirely hand sewn and hand painted, KUBE soccer balls are 5 size balls and meet all FIFA criteria. Each KUBE models is produced as a limited edition (OHHHHH, how I love this word); that’s why each model is unique and authentic, each ball is coded and the authentication is made via the website KUBE thought about everything here, even the environment…. committed to the environmental protection thanks to its extensive knowledge on environmentally friendly products. Wherever you play, on city grounds, beaches, or parks, enjoy!

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KUBE balls are far from square (get it?). Fashion balls for everyone!

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