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It takes getting used to, seeing young women run long distances, gasping and gagging and staggering around and going down on all fours at the finish line, pink foreheads in the mud,” began an article in Sports Illustrated in 1966 about the National AAU Women’s Cross-country Championship. “But they are young women, all right, make no mistake. The shaved legs, the singlets that actually do a service, all that symmetry, that fragrant hair.” – seriously?

Some getting used to – quite the understatement. While surfing the web for fit fashion today I stumbles upon on an article entitled, Female Runners Rise. Author Katie Baker for Grantland decipher women as athletes and follows the female ideal of these ‘pretty little things’ and transgressed into the ideal female athlete we know today.

These statistics are in no way to clarify, boast, or rationalize that women athletes have a place in the world of competitive athletes today. They can hold their own; in speed, agility, and performance, needing no help of outside rationalization. This story is a wonderful brief on a timeline for women to become recognized as true competitors – with no sexual orientation attached.

Take a quick look, although a quick read it made me proud as a female athlete. I was able to recognize strides that our predecessors have taken to aid women acceptance to compete alongside male athletes and reap rightfully any achievements earned. A big thanks to Katie Baker for this great article and of course all of those women who paved the road for all women to run, and were still working to build that same road.

Keep it up! All you Pretty TOUGH!

Love, E

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