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‘BASE’ – initial thoughts may include Hide and Go Seek, flashlight tag, out of breath, better/faster/more clever than everyone that has yet to reach this childhood safe haven. Camp – summer time, games, marshmallows, making best friends.  But what happens my dear friends when we put those two words together.

BASE Camp – A adult dream come true; occurring this labor day weekend for all you ‘adults’  19 and up (don’t worry I called and they said I wasn’t to old) that consists of WAKEBOARDING…. Wake skating….pro lessons….wake surfing… paint ball… trips to the bar with DD’s a plenty. (Does Canada have a different drinking age?) With all the trimmings of a memorable summer camp, but transformed with the latest and greatest wake apparel/equipment and the newest boats a lake can sport…. Did I forget to mention the cable, park, and trampolines?

Yup ‘BASE CAMP’ about sums up all thing I la la love….

LABOR DAY…BE THERE…Don’t worry the flights are still bearable. Apparently to fly to CA its three grand but you can drop a zero if you head north and sport your eeeeehhhhhhh.

Visit the Base Camp website for more info.

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