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FNO was a blast in NYC this past Friday night. I gathered the girls and we headed to Soho for some madness and mayhem. I of course did some scouting about for my faves. (a.k.a. you). Every store seemed to have an event, appearance, sale, or D.J. present for the festivities. If your store did not take to this wonderous, new favorite of my holidays, shame on you, you obviously did not get the memo (PC LOBELETTER, WHAT?)

I scoured south of Houston for some new gear and style direction and of course some sales to report back to you on. I hit up Burton; where they supplied a DJ,some sick videos on a projection screen, Rum and meatballs (now that had to be a man’s call – a good one at that), and a skate ramp free for all those legit (an interesting mix with stilettos walking inches away). Lulu Lemon, they missed all memos – to bad – so sad I would have loved to scour up some of their super cute sports gear on sale. I-Lori – Love, love, love their glasses, good call to the champagne and 15% discount on shades. The other sports store I hit up Roxy. Pro surfer Kassia Meador was present to promote her new line of wetsuits designed by her. See photos of Kassia in my next post along with a brief bio of this noteworthy pro and special giveaway.

My job was done… however, not the end to my fun. My bestest’s and I took to the stores merely for fashion fabulousness galore. The night ended sooner than intended, excessive overflow of fashionistas who took to the street, made head count below Houston a bit more than complete. Although I do reside in NYC there is a comfortable bubble of personal space that one likes to be. The WVU game came calling from a locale sports bar; 12 girls, and several rounds of skinny girl martinis and then out the door. All in all a very successful night with all things considered it was a productive night.

Who ever came up with this momentous event, Thank you. Super excited that fashion night out was adopted by some other fashionably fabulous cities this year as well, Fashion Night Out City Stop reality special on E anyone? Starting M-E and my bestests’ of course!

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