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When I use the term ‘juice cleanse’ I can guarente one of three reactions: (1) Rolling your eyes (2) shaking your head slightly; a nod of approval (3) your eyebrows are furrowing, perplexed at embarking at such a thing.

When the word, ‘cleanse’ is now mentioned, I will revert to the second reaction; observed approval. After five days of my Blue Print juice cleanse I am DONE. I had to try this highly in fashion health cleanse before it became passé.

Lets rewind – and begin at, well… the beginning.

I researched cleanses to select the right cleanse for me. I went with Blue Print  – catering to the likes of me. Their marketing = Brilliant (felt healthier by just looking at the branding). Geared towards individuals lacking the time, knowledge, and kitchen appliances necessary to create their own cleansing experience. I would much rather pay for the convince  – which you do. Convenience allows (doorstep delivery) along with easy to use/foolproof system (numerically coded daily regimen) of your daily intake.

Once a company is defined I had to look through the menu. I spent some time on this considering all the time I would have spent looking at restaurants menus over the course of a five-day time span. BP has added to their original menu of purely juice cleanses offered in three levels of severity starting with a beginning cleanse, proceeding with the middle of the road (foundation), all the way to your hard core (excavation). Each cleanse can rang from three to five days.

Some other key options include: juice until dinner for those who couldn’t possibly fathom not ingesting solids for an entire day. You can also order singles now from specified retail locations. See a list of the additional options here.

I opted for the five-day foundation and I am five days of FINISHED! Six juiced a day, and a couple gallons of water later. I am left feeling happy, healthy, and with glowing skin. What was the hardest part? Had to be the sociality of it (or lack there of). Avoiding situations in which eating was the main attraction. This made me realize – I eat a LOT out of habit.

Overall a positive experience that I will definitely do again. 

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