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You see a sign labeled (rather loudly) “GOLF SNACKS” on pier 25.  At first glance, you wonder if you’ve just found a place that sells golf-themed snacks, or even mini golf balls that can be both ‘putted’ and ingested?   Let’s be honest, it’s a little vague – but I’ll help you break down Pier 25’s new, playful makeover.


Location: N. Moore Street


Target Audience: the more active users of the west side waterfront


Scope: Outdoor playing grounds including an actual playground, basketball courts, beach volleyball courts (sand – check), and a legit 18 hole miniature golf course


My Take: It is legit, I went, I played (yes, all 18 holes).  While I may have been slightly under par, their renovation is definitely up to par, and a trip to Pier 25 will take you right back to a night out in your childhood. 


So that’s settled – it’s a date, right?  Now all you’ve got to choose – the color of your ball.  Such hard decisions we must endure.


Happy putting!


Love, E

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