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(Sigh)… It’s a breath of fresh air when a new brand surfaces. The Moncler puffer jacket has been a staple on fashionistas Holiday wish lists for some time. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Moncler. One of my favorites for more than several reasons. However when everyone girl walking down the street has on an identical jacket, it’s becomes… whats the word…mainstream? So Jcrew, the talent scouter’s that they are (Mickey D, who is way ahead of the game) brings a ‘meticulously curated collection, based on quality, craftmanship, and of course cool factor’,  dubbed ‘in good company’. I love, love, love what JCrew is doing here. It would be just as easy for JCrew to knock off any of these products (if no patton prohibits) creating an exact replica – adding a JCrew tag. Brand collaboration and good old-fashioned curation, pairing the company with talented designers with solid product and bringing them on to ‘the Crew’. 

Back to the (sigh)… and enter Authier. The company originated in Switzerland in 1910, this Italian brand of “chic sportif” is synonymous with elegance and innovation (it was among the first to offer skis when the sport was taking off in the early 20th century). The ready-to-wear collection transfers the craftsmanship and technology of its skis to clothing that’s made in Italy and coveted by ski enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike. Authier’s devotion to materials extends right down to the zippers (also made in Italy) and the label, which is stitched by hand. 

Good work Crew. Giving us something to sigh about. 

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