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Workout space is an important element in the perfect workout. As merging gap between fitness and design merge a multitude of gyms that are well… breathtaking in both the aesthetic sense along with the good ole’ increased heart rate – directly correlated with a good sweaty workout. The latest example of ‘good pysique design’ emerges at the Plaza hotel in NYC. La Palestra wellness centers have conceptualized a hybrid of proper medical care with fitness in an upscale facility without disrupting the indigenous elements of their respective locations. The mission of La Palestra health centers focuses on integrated health.

Designers Frank Gehry, La Palestra delivered a holistic haven of wellness, consisting of exam rooms and cardio center accessed through a stunning Gehry staircase. Despite the facilities opulent feeling occupying the space, the function of the space remains in tact, a functional, classic gym.

Pat Manocchia Founder of the La Palestra chain conceptualized a space where fitness and health of the human body remained safe and secure. Each space is designed individually catering to the original fabric of architecture.

“Culturally, from an exercise perspective, people are made to believe that the idea of beauty is that it’s flawless,” says Manocchia in pointing out an interesting parallel, “but it’s the exact opposite. The flaws are what makes something beautiful.”

Using the space presents architectural challenges. Variations in ceiling height were exploited to create alcoves of light that aid in one of Manocchia’s central ideas, which is privacy. The placement of equipment and room-dividisions are laid out to create the right environment for optimal performance.

If one feels as though they are being observed or judged, or crowded, your focus shifts towards your self-conscious of how you look rather than focusing on what you are doing. Individual bathrooms (complete with shower)  take the place of locker rooms contain individual showers, dressing room with wardrobe built in. Another common gym staple you wont find here is floor to ceiling mirrors – mirrors are situated away from the wall to prevent feeling boxed in, while lights shine with very specific variants to reflect times of day and year.

It’s no surprise that this gym contains the highest quality equipment, from top-of-the-line Woodway and Cybex treadmills to artisan-made vaulting boxes Manocchia seeks to support the most important design element in fitness—the human body. “When it comes to innovation in the field, it’s not about reinventing the wheel or inventing something new, it’s about how good design is re-engineered to support the human body,” he says. “You have to understand how the body works so you can utilize equipment that fits into movement patterns and provides a broad toolbox. Dumbbells can be used for all sorts of things, and are you going to make something better? No. We’re interested in the best-made version.”

The breadth and depth of La Palestra’s medical and training attention—makes it the logical choice for those with health concerns or injuries, or anyone looking for a superior level of care integrated into their fitness routine. A training session comes accompanied with the message that techniques and routines should be learned, and are designed for members to take away and practice on their own.

The Palestra Gym truly takes your daily workout to a whole new level.

Now… What to wear?

Off to shop – pre workout warmup?

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