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I know… I know… Where, oh where, did Higheelside go? Truly missing in action, I must convey my deepest regrets for  the lack of fashionably fit news this holiday season. The truth is… I have hunting for snow, I’ve looked high and low and came to the conclusion that there is no where to go. First and foremost I hope you had a wonderful happy holiday! A belated christmas card from me to you, from photographer Carl Kleiner in collaboration with Evelina Kleiner entitled Intersport.  A tree that features a few of my favorite things, sport gear galore! 


As my holiday gift to you. I am stating that this stint ob absences is all but through. As fitness in fashion a steady stream of sports goods I grant to you. 

Your truly, E

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As founder of A fashion meets fitness dot com space aiming to provide curated content for those fashionable fit and all model athletes. Photo Art Director - E