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Hey, you. Whatcha love to wear under there?

It’s underwear – but it’s so much more.  You know you have a type – or a few.  


So what’s your workout go-to?  What allows you to breathe, makes you look even more awesome in spandex, looks super cute in your gym bag?  

Fact – there’s a plethora of data points to consider when you make that coveted purchase decision.  Common consideration criteria for the perfect panties for your workout:

  • Where you’ll flaunt your stuff (Catskills vs. David Barton)
  • Who you’ll flaunt your stuff around (Hot trainer vs. Mom)
  • How long you’ll flaunt your stuff (Marathon vs. Ashanti Yoga)
  • And the list goes on.

There are endless choices, overwhelming or exciting, but here’s a few ways you can cut the clutter and find your perfect match:



  • Cut – thong, boy cut, classic
  • Comfort
  • Content – synthetic v. natural
  • Construction – seams v. lack thereof

Enough with the lecture – it’s show and tell time, and you’re up.  Let’s hear it!

I know it’s not something you’re apt to launch into discussion about on a forum as open as the www – but humor me.  Imagine for a minute that the next Olympic Games London 2012 women’s 400-meter dash is resting on your shoulders.  It’s the closest race of this century and the Americans take the gold by less that .001 seconds!

When interviewed, the gold medalist is asked if she can pinpoint what may have given her the overall advantage to own the race…and then it happens. Then it happens. The athlete takes a moment to thank a woman (Insert your name here) for sharing her favorite workout underwear. Without your suggestion, she would never have been able to focus every single detail (down to the bare minimum) in that race towards doing her best.

You – and you alone – won the United States an Olympic gold metal. 

So, hand it over ladies.  Name the brand, cut, and workout that are JUST YOUR TYPE. 

No pressure (pun intended)!

Love, E!

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As founder of A fashion meets fitness dot com space aiming to provide curated content for those fashionable fit and all model athletes. Photo Art Director - E