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… for a wake board, of course!  Whether you’re well-versed when it comes to wake board shopping, or you’re a novice to it all, a little direction pointing you to the perfect size/kind of board you’ll need never hurt.  Liquid Force has your back with this handy chart on picking the right board for you.

With an assortment of great wake boards designed just for the female species, you can’t go wrong – check ’em out here: Liquid Force… and if you have any ‘what if’s’ after perusing the site (what if i am 5’11” and weigh 120’… go get em’ modelizers) and you think your size may be a bit “off of the chart”, give these guys a call; their customer service is second to none and they’ll make sure you’re all sized up with the right board, so all you’ll have left to worry about is how to make it stand out in the waves.

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