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During the past few weeks I have been on the move which presents the opportunity to plug into one of my favorite go to’s in entertainment, Outside Online’s Podcast. Today I listened to their latest dispatch session with
Bianca Valenti and her Big-Wave Mission. Inspiring on so many levels.

This episode touches on this past year in surfing and how professional surfing has undergone a remarkable and very unexpected evolution. Beginning in 2019, the World Surf League is offering equal prize money to men and women at all of its events, making it one of very few global sports leagues to do so. A key part of this story was the push to get women included in the big-wave contest at Mavericks, on the Northern California coast, an effort headlined by 31-year-old Bianca Valenti. In a way, her whole career had been leading up to this mission. Outside executive editor Michael Roberts reports on Valenti’s journey from a teenager frustrated by the bro culture that ruled surfing to the front lines of a movement that could have a lasting impact on all of sports.

– Excerpt from Outside Online

It’s inspiring to see how one woman’s journey has the capability to act as a catalyst for change that will undoubtedly impact the progress in female sports equality. I highly recommend tuning in to Outside’s Podcast and checking out this edition.

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