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Ok… I do have Robert Plant’s new song running through my head as we speak (Angel Dance – very, very, good!)

This song would make for a beautiful background soundtrack to stomping through the snow in the big A. How Lovely! These shots make me fall in love with this city, all over again.

For those of you, what do you call yourselves again… motorist? Not having a waterproof pod to transport you from point a to point B makes it pretty difficult to maneuver through our wintry wonderland known as NYC (As well as any other big city). Getting around has been elevated to a sport. Not only must a lady carefully dance through sooty snow to stay in the powdery white – one must select the correct waterproof yet fashionable attire  (one mussent forget work appropriateness of course… fashion snow day = no days, EVER!) So ladies, as the winter roles in put on a thinking cap (oh so cute and cozy of course) and plan you dress for the first spots play day, a.k.a. fashion snow day.

Photo op – there is only so much time before the snow plows storm in to take our winter wonderland away.

Hopefully these photos by Dewey Nicks with give you a solid foundation to your wintry wardrobe. This amazing photographer captured the snowy city in its essence. Check out more of his work at I promise you’re going to love it!

You’re Welcome! Lots of love from, E!

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