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One Name – Lisa Marie Fernandez – A stylist/designer/founder of her swimwear line LMF. 


I have a confession, dear readers, for which I must apologize.  This post has not only been pending since pre-LLP days, it’s one of the posts I dreamt of writing that inspired the very existence of LLP and all we stand for.  So for the sheer fact that I’ve kept you waiting – I am truly sorry.  It’s been an incredibly hard task to capture the LMF brand in the few words that a blog-attention-span allows, so I’ll sum up for you what first caught my attention and won my heart over for LMF: it’s a pioneer brand, the first of it’s kind to use a luxe neoprene fabric for swimwear – pretty pieces made to perform.  


  • Molds to your best body, no matter the type – can create curves, or support them
  • Pushes everything into it’s ‘right place’ without padding or underwire.
  •  The highly functional material looks better when wet and won’t stretch out or lose its shape.
  • These pieces are made to use (over and over) and stand the test of time (and the wear and tear we know you’ll put them through).


The design aesthetic has somewhat of an eighties throwback vibe, but the lines and cut are as modern as can be, adapting with ease to the individual aesthetic of each wearer.  Sunbathers and surfers rejoice – whether your flavor is sporty, sophisticated, no frills, or glamorous – LMF has got you covered, in all the right places.


Pieces are sold as separates, so you can mix&match to your heart’s content for a new look every time you want to make a splash.


I had the opportunity to meet with Lisa and her team at LMF nearly a year ago, at a pivotal time for her brand, with a product line featured in every magazine of the season, and growing at an incredible rate.  Fast forward one year and not much has changed – LMF is still hot as can be, and even more available to its fashion forward following.  The only difference is, now everyone’s caught on – LMF-esque swimwear, using similar fabrics & silhouettes, have begun to appear, having noticed the ‘chomp at the bit’ following the brand developed so quickly.  I’m happy to report that, though I’m sure it makes sense on paper, no one does it in person like LMF – I’ve checked off every poser on the list, and they really don’t compare.   LMF-wear continuously comes out on top – higher quality, ahead of the game, and the only innovator a fitness fashionista with class should seek out.


LMF – Sorry it took so long to gush, keep up the good work.  LLP is a big fan!


Get a sneak preview of next season’s goodies  @   Lisa Marie Fernandez

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