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Good old traditional camping – set your expectations to include a tent, campfire, blow-up mattress (if you’re lucky), s’mores, flashlight tag, cold nights, achy backs, fresh air – it is/was what you make it.  Add a little luxe to the picture – maybe a 5-course meal, hot shower in your private master bawth, a personal butler (let’s call him James?), and you’ve just gone ‘glamping’.  The days of old can still be had, but if you’d rawther say goodbye to pitching your own tent, sleeping with rocks lodged between your shoulder blades, and spotting Smoky himself, set your mind at ease knowing it can be attained, and you can still stay you slept under the stars.  Your primary objective – show up and enjoy.  

I recently had the opportunity to test out my Glamping skills as a guest at The Resort at Paws Up in Montana, a true re – TREAT, and (all boasting aside), I really am one hell of a Glamper.  This particular luxury camp offers several options to immerse yourself in outdoor activities during your stay, including horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, white water rafting, ATV riding, hot air balloon rides, water sports, and jet skiing.  You can sign up for a group session, or schedule private sessions for any adventure your heart desires. 

If your idea of adventure at the moment tends to be a deep tissue massage and not an archery lesson, just sit back and take in the crisp mountain air.  If James happens to be around though, have him escort you to the luxurious spa for a few hours of your own kind of ‘adventure’. 

My stay at Paws Up let me both enjoy a truly stunning landscape, while deepening my appreciation for the environment, which is reflected throughout the resort.  You know, I’m not sure it gets any better than that!  So why not get your luxury camp on?  Think nature…but served on a biodegradable platter. 

All I know is, I want  to glamp S’MORE. Love, E!

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