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The story began with two water babies, sisters in fact,  who grew into beautiful young surf stars. Born and bred on the beach in  San Clemente, California, Oleema and Kalani Miller are design masterminds behind the MIKOH Swimwear  line that’s making a huge SPLASH in the fashion world.  

Design degree? Nope, but obviously these entrepreneurs had the right components; A life from the forefront of the swim and surf industry along side some serious fashion DNA running through their veins to launch a title wave; a pipeline of  “IN VOGUE”  fashion  for a over saturated swimwear market.

Taking a step outside the swimwear norm, MIKOH designs have simplified lines paired with intricate details and a strong monochromatic (mixed with one or two simplistic duotone prints) color pallet is truly a breath of fresh air.

On a side note I have a designer swim category that a select few have been highlighted, a small but solid list (single digits). The criteria for making ‘the list’ boils down to several factors, if these grounds are covered, and well, MIKOH passes with honors, you make the list. What does this list consist of you ask? Based on atheistic, quality, comfort, and there is also the performance one must factor in. I personally subjected MIKOH swimwear to a performance test (think trampoline in the ocean, last man standing kind of deal) score: 10 out of 10. Take a look and judge for yourself, I think you’re going to like what you see. 


You are very welcome.

Love, E


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