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Music could not be more important to me when I am working out. The right music can not only put me in the right workout mindset, but it can give me that extra push I need to step it up.

I always seem to take classes that have good music. I don’t know how important it is in your workout but it’s vital to a kick myself into shape workout regime.

When on a hard workout I take my iPod Shuffle 3G.

Fill it with your favorite pump up songs and being the world smallest music player you wont feel weighed down or restricted (side note I saw someone running with the iPad through central park the other day – now that’s a missed Kodak moment missed opportunity) . iPod shuffle 3G start at 59$ and comes in some cute colors.

I opt for different headphones as the apple headphones are to big for my tiny ears and fall out when the sweat starts dripping. Like a persons fingerprint everyone had their own favorite headphones for working out . I like Adidas OMX 680 Sports ear clip Headphones with Volume Control and Adjustable ear clips. Nothing more annoying than worrying about your headphones falling out when you are concentrating on working out.

To use you own headphones – purchase this adaptor from apple; Belkin Headphone Adapter with Remote for iPod shuffle (3rd. Gen.). So worth it!

Check out some music below that will put you in the mood!

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