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It’s that time again; the hunt to find a new wakeboard, my “new black”. Ladies and gentleman I am sad to be retiring my Hyperlight SYN 32. It will be donated to Wards wake school.  I will be taking on a whole new look. This transition doesn’t come easy for me. To part with a board can be compared… well, to a break up. Left to find my ‘new black.”









You saw it coming. This inkling has been sneaking into your head more and more frequent as of late.  You are thinking of getting rid of your board (significant other in this analogy). You love your old board. Over the past two years or so you have had some incredible times. In the beginning it took some time to get to know one another, but now… you know each other like the back of your hand. The mannerisms, the personality, how far you can really push – before you catch an edge. You know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, you’re familiar with the toe to heel side transition. At this point you don’t even have to look at each other to communicate, you can just coexist. There she is in the photo below. Brings a tear to my eye. 

Two years down the road and those new improved models are out with a new silhouette and a completely different look.  Reviews are all saying that the ‘new models’ are designed to get more pop off the wake which will allow for bigger tricks.  It doesn’t hurt to look right?

To find the perfect board I must take into account the following:

                   Frame/profile along with flex and fins on a board are tailored to a specific terrain. No matter how cute a board is it has to ride well, wherever you ride; wake park, ocean, lake.

                   Technological advances. The newer the model the more tweaks in design for increased comfort and performance.

                   Most important in my book (I know, I know not really, but as a fashion designer can you really blame me?) The look, you have to be able to wear your board, and wear it strong. Like I sometimes           hear from my sister upon persuading her to try on outfits I select to update her wardrobe, “I can not pull this off.” Well find a board that you love and that will love you back.

The hunt is on friends. Off to the internet dot come realm to search for that new special someone. I keep you updated with my contender options.   

Advice is always appreciated! Love, E!

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